If you claim that every project or task you assign to your food truck team is critical, it won’t be long before your employees begin to ignore your sense of urgency. If this becomes the case, you’ll find your staff will do things at their own pace, which is likely too slow for you. If everything is important or urgent, then nothing truly is. Don’t cry wolf over and over so your staff understands that when an emergency truly takes place, they know they need to act, and act fast.

Don’t Cry Wolf As A Motivation Tool

The primary reason we are suggesting that you don’t cry wolf is this. If you always tell lies, employees will eventually stop believing you. Then when you’re telling the truth for a change, when you really need them to believe you, they won’t.

Sometimes when vendors need to get a particular task done from staff members, they tend to use pressure tactics such as exaggerating the importance of the job. When it comes to the food truck industry, these pressure tactics don’t always work. At some point your employees will start to lose interest in completing these tasks.

Instead use relativity to convey when a project is truly critical to food truck business. Be selective about when you apply pressure or claim that something has high impact on your sales or marketing goals. The less often you raise alarm, the more likely your mobile food employees are to respond how you want them to.

Steps to avoid this classic mistake:

  • Avoid portraying all jobs or tasks as urgent.
  • Try to focus on job completion, before they become urgent.
  • For your most important jobs or tasks, build in some type reward or recognition to staff members upon successful completion.
  • Try not to interfere or track an employees all the time while working on a particular project.
  • Give your staff realistic time to complete tasks.

On a final note, keep your food truck operations transparent. Transparency in a food truck’s operation helps your employees to complete important jobs on time without putting doubts in their mind. Credibility is not built in a day and it takes a second to damage it. You will be followed as a leader when you inspire your staff by your actions. Earn your respect and credibility by being true to your word.

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The Bottom Line

Most of us exist in an emotional state where we balance fear and denial. Determining which potential disaster in your food truck business are real and which aren’t can be difficult determine. Make sure you don’t cry wolf too often to your staff as a means of motivation. It will soon become evident that you are using this tactic as a motivation and will soon fall on deaf ears.

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