Today we’ll share 10 simple employee motivation ideas to help inspire your food truck employees and improve moral in your mobile business.

To achieve a purpose-fueled, engaged food truck staff, you should resist a one-size-fits-all approach to motivating your food truck staff members. Instead, make an effort to help each employee recognize the importance of their job and how it contributes to your mobile food company’s success.

10 Employee Motivation Ideas To Improve Your Food Truck

  • Make job descriptions goal-specific. It’s goals—not titles—that should dictate your food truck employee’s duties and direction.
  • Link incentives to results. Rewarding your employees for productivity has more meaning than, recognizing a two-year anniversary.
  • Explain in detail why a task was done well. Explain to your employees “why” a particular accomplishment was done well.
  • Give praise when it’s really deserved. Praising your staff is great, but dishing it out incessantly damages your authenticity.
  • Give all employees the chance to achieve. Even entry level staff members should have an opportunity to take on a project and prove themselves.
  • Gradually increase responsibilities. Self-worth results when workers know they’re building your trust and making a greater impact in your food truck as time goes on.
  • Help staff align personal goals with business ones. Instead of “get promoted within two years,” a goal should be something like: “help business reduce food waste by 10%.”
  • Convey the big picture. When your employees understand how routine duties help the business, the “daily grind” takes on purpose.
  • Listen emphatically. No matter how trivial an employee’s suggestion or complaint may appear to you, it matters to the employee expressing it.
  • Allow freedom for creativity. Instead of dictating every step, give employees the space to come up with their own solutions to certain challenges.

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The Bottom Line

Motivating your employees is one of those things that seems easy on the surface, but can actually be challenging. You have different types of employees, all with different jobs and goals. As one person trying to do all of the motivating, it can be tough to for a food truck vendor to find a good balance.

Fortunately, these employee motivation ideas will help motivation across the board in all different situations. Motivation will help improve work performance all around and help create a positive moral within your truck.

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