Did you know that 71% of employees feel more productive when they feel like they are valued in the workplace? Sending a message may be a simple way to demonstrate you appreciate and care for employees as the end of the year approaches. As employees take stock of their personal situation and make goals for the new year, now is the ideal time to distribute this message.

 The key to keeping your employees engaged, a sincere and authentic end of year message can inspire and motivate them heading into the next year. Explore the sample messages below for ideas.

End of Year Message to Employees

Here are some ways you can wish your employees a wonderful end-of-year holiday.

  • You have been such a blessing to the company! We appreciate you doing your best to contribute to our success. As this year concludes, may our teamwork continue to grow.. Happy New Year!
  • Congratulations for having such a productive year! We are proud to see you grow with our company and unlock potential you didn’t think you had in the first place. We are excited to start a new year with you. Cheers to more challenges and milestones!
  • To our valued employees, we are thrilled to welcome a new year with you! This year has been a great time for growth. Your exemplary performance has helped clear the table, and we are truly grateful to you. We wish you a prosperous night with your beloved family!
  • We owe you a huge part of our success. We’re looking forward to welcoming the new year with you! Let us wish a fruitful year ahead. 

This year was a rough journey for everyone on the team, but you have been a source of motivation with your optimistic attitude and creative spirit. Thanks to you, we will be ending this year with hope fervently burning in our hearts. 

  • As we conclude a year marked by significant achievements and progress, I am proud to be part of this extraordinary team. Each of you has played a crucial role in our journey, and it is your dedication that has propelled us to new heights.
  • The upcoming year presents a landscape rich with potential. While we have much work ahead, I am confident in our ability to tackle these challenges with the same resilience and innovation that define us. The future holds great promise, and together, we will continue to drive our company forward.
  • As we bid farewell to a year of extraordinary achievements, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you. Your hard work, creativity, and commitment have been instrumental in our success. As we step into the new year, we do so with a strong foundation and an unwavering focus on our future goals.
  • The road ahead is filled with opportunities for growth and innovation. I am confident that together, we will continue to excel and shape a future that is not only successful but also sustainable. Let’s embrace the challenges and opportunities of the coming year with the same vigor and passion that have brought us this far.

End of Year Messages from CEO to Employees

Here’s a list of inspiration for end-of-year messages that come straight from the CEO, head of the company.

  • Fellow employees, family, and friends: I believe nothing is more rewarding than having a well-spent and memorable time together with loved ones. Take time to spend time with your family this holiday season and recharge you batteries for next 12 months. We have a lot of goals we want to achieve next year. 
  • May you free yourselves from any worry you had at work and enjoy celebrating the year-end holiday with them. You deserve nothing less than a refreshing vacation. I give you permission to let loose this holiday season. 
  • Your fearless leader would like to express heartfelt gratitude toward all the contributions this year. Last year we accomplished so many of our goals: we improved throughput by 11%, increase burrito sales by 8%, and most importantly got our highest satisfaction scores ever from employees. May you have the best time of the year as you welcome a new one with the people who matter most to you.
  • Working with the best set of employees this year has been a wonderful privilege. May you all have a prosperous holiday season! I want to thank you for all your hard work last year and look forward to everything that’s yet to come. 
  • Dearest employees, you are flesh and blood of the company. Leading you this year has been a progressive journey. The CEO and executive leadership team wishes you a prosperous year-end holiday.
  • As we close another remarkable year, I am filled with gratitude for our collective accomplishments. Your hard work and dedication have been the driving force behind our success. Looking back, we have not only met our goals but have set new standards in our industry.
  • As we look to the future, I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. There is much work to be done, but I am confident that with our strong foundation and your unwavering commitment, we will continue to achieve great things. Here’s to a future that’s as bright and promising as the team that powers it!
  • As we wrap up a year full of flavor and growth, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to each of you. Your dedication and hard work have been the key ingredients to our success in the fast-paced world of fast food. Together, we’ve navigated challenges, innovated our menu, and served up countless smiles to our customers.
  • The coming year is ripe with opportunities for further growth and improvement. Let’s continue cooking up success and serving excellence. Thank you for making our chain a beloved stop for so many.

End of Fiscal Year Message to Employees

Acknowledge your employees contributions.

Did you have a profitable fiscal year? Conclude it with a heartwarming message for everyone who contributed this year.

  • As we close this fiscal year, I’m thrilled to share that our sales exceeded expectations by an impressive 12%. Equally notable is our 8% improvement in customer retention. This is a testament to our collective hard work and dedication. Let’s build on this momentum and continue our journey towards even greater accomplishments.
  • Team, we’ve successfully increased our market share by 5% this fiscal year, a clear indicator of our growing influence in the industry. Additionally, our employee engagement scores have risen by 20%, showing a strong, motivated workforce. These are remarkable achievements, but let’s not lose sight of our goal to further streamline our supply chain processes in the next fiscal cycle.
  • This year will not end without a message of gratitude from the CEO to the company’s greatest asset. May you keep thriving with us throughout the years. Cheers!

This year, we’ve seen a robust 20% growth in EBITDA, reflecting our strong financial health and operational efficiency. Our brand equity has also strengthened, as evidenced by a 15% increase in brand recognition metrics. These accomplishments are milestones, yet there is more to achieve in terms of customer lifecycle management in the forthcoming year.

  • To our valued employees, your individual contributions have been pivotal to every milestone we achieved in the past months. We faced extremely difficult global economic challenges combined with inflation problems. In spit of these challenges, we still hit most of our goals. Your hard work and dedication have sown seeds of prosperity that we shall soon reap together. 
  • To our amazing employees, thank you for being a part of this productive and meaningful year in the organization. We may have encountered many challenges in the past months, but our incredible teamwork conquered them every single time.
  • The effort you’ve put into the business has been priceless. As we end a fruitful Fiscal year, may you enjoy a day of prosperity and joy. 
  • I’m thrilled to report that our year-over-year revenue growth stands at an impressive 9%, far outpacing industry averages. In addition, our customer acquisition rate increased by 3%, thanks to our innovative marketing strategies. While these numbers are worth celebrating, our next challenge is to enhance our customer service protocols to match this growth.
  • All accounts have been cross-checked with our current financial reports, and all of it matched we survived another Fiscal year. Great job, everyone. Have a nice holiday!

End of Financial Year Message to Employees

Here are some of our carefully curated end-of-the-financial-year messages to send to employees by email or letter. 

  • It has been an honor to celebrate another financial year with you all. Our financial statements are on the right track. Stocks and sales are up, and I am grateful for your service, without you all, this company would have been nothing. Declaring more thriving years.
  • The financial year was indeed hard for all of us and certainly nerve-wracking for me, but we survived it all! Upon crunching the numbers, our company has been profitable as ever. As this agonizing journey is about to end, I would like to thank you all for your hard work and support.

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  • As the financial year is about to end, I would like to thank all of you for your service and hard work in this company. However, our financial statements suggest that we need to cut the production budget, causing us to let go of 13 employees from the production management, and they will be duly compensated. Regardless of how much it saddens me, hard decisions must be done. These workers will always be remembered as this company’s legacy. 
  • As we close this financial year, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to each one of you. Your dedication and hard work have been pivotal in achieving our financial goals and driving the company’s success. The past year presented its share of challenges, but through teamwork and resilience, we have emerged stronger. Looking ahead, we are poised for continued growth and success. I am confident that with our collective efforts, the next financial year will be even more fruitful. Thank you for your outstanding contributions.
  • As we wrap up this financial year, it’s important to reflect on our journey. Your commitment and expertise have been key to our strong financial performance and strategic achievements. We’ve not only met but exceeded many of our financial targets, setting a solid foundation for the future. The upcoming year brings new challenges and opportunities, and I am excited to see how our team will rise to meet them. Let’s continue to work together to drive our financial success forward.

New Year Messages to Employees

May the next year bring even more success.

Here are some messages that encourage everyone to celebrate before the new year begins. 

  • As today marks another year of working together, I would like to thank all of you for making the previous year memorable and easy. You have worked hard, and the company is reaping the fruits of your effort, and no salary can measure how much you have made this company grow. Keep up the good work, and happy new year.
  • The last year’s goals were a has been successful because of your excellence. I salute you all for growing in your respective roles.
  • I am thankful for all my loyal and dedicated employees who made the top sales last year. As you have made a mark in this industry, you have also left a grateful mark on my heart. Happy New Year.
  • Happy New Year! Your talents, inquiries, and ideas have made this company develop into a nameless company that can compete with all other popular brands.
  • Your energy and bright ideas are one of key contributors to making this company pop in the face of the business world, and for that, the company will forever be grateful.
  • Last year brought so many challenges to our company, but you remained steadfast in your passion for helping business owners leverage their marketing campaigns. Your proactiveness is inspiring! Let us all wish a more fruitful year. 
  • As we stand on the brink of a brand new year, I want to take a moment to express my profound gratitude to each and every one of you. Your dedication, talent, and relentless hard work have been the driving force behind our success.
  • The past year has been a journey filled with challenges and achievements, and your resilience has been nothing short of inspiring. We’ve not only reached but exceeded many of our goals, thanks to your unwavering commitment and teamwork.

Motivational Messages to Employees

Trying to give employees a mental boost heading into the new year? Here are some ways to motivate them.

  • Upon entering this company, I have kept an eye on you. You all are passionate, diligent, and people who persevere in the face of adversity. Your willingness to take on anything is really impressive. Keep up the fantastic work. 
  • The work and energy you’ve given this company have truly been an asset. Thank you very much, continue the good work. You are special and are going to do some wonderful things here. 
  • Dear Employees, you have been an asset to this company. We have closed 10x of expected sales. Without your hard work and commitment, it is impossible to reach this far. As a result, your salaries have been raised to 20%. Continue doing a good job, and we’ll continue giving back equal and mutual benefit to one another.
  • You are one of the best cooks I’ve ever seen. It’s been incredible to see you move from prep cook to chef in only 6 months. Keep up the progress and you could be head chef within the next 2 – 3 years.
  • Happy New Year, Team! Let’s make this year a story of triumph, innovation, and teamwork. Here’s to reaching new heights together!
  • Wishing you all a fantastic New Year! May this year bring new opportunities, fresh ideas, and unparalleled success to each of you.
  • Cheers to a new year of possibilities! Your hard work and dedication are the heartbeat of our success. Let’s make this year even more remarkable!
  • Happy 2024! Let’s turn challenges into opportunities and dreams into realities. Together, we are unstoppable!

Annual Appreciation Letter to Employees

An appreciation letter is a formal way of showing you appreciate the hard work of employees.

Dear Joe,

You are a great help with working on the latest project. We would like to extend our utmost appreciation for your dedication and hard work in accomplishing the project and for the company.

The company’s project became a success because of you. Thank you!

Best regards,

The Management 

Dear Peters,

As this year ends, we would like to appreciate you for being an amazing employee and coworker and for being part of the team that launched our company’s product. We are grateful that you went above and beyond in your role. Your diligence and self-discipline are an inspiration to the team. Thank you for your hard work!


The Management

Dear Jane,

Congratulations on achieving your sales target throughout the year! Your determination and efforts have paid off. You are an asset to the organization for your exemplary performance.

The administration team acknowledges and appreciates your efforts. Truly we are grateful that you are a part of this family.


The Company

Dear Andrews,

We are blessed to have you work with our organization. The rest of the team looks up to your work and the leadership qualities you have shown in this project. We are sure that the team fees will be awarded under your leadership. On behalf of the management team at ABC, thank you for giving your best.

Excited to collaborate with you in another productive year!


ABC  management team

Dear Rachel – It has been an eventful year for ABC. On behalf of the company, the management team would like to thank you for contributing to this year’s success.

You deserve this holiday break! We look forward to working with you next year, and bringing your A-game as always.

Best wishes, 

ABC management 

Tips for Writing an Authentic End of Year Message

Another year is in the books.

Here are some tips for writing year-end messages.

  • Choose the Best Way to Deliver the Message. In writing a year-end message there are options for what mode of communication to be used. You can send it through thank you cards, letters, and emails so long it is well-crafted and can get the message across. Write it sincerely and imagine speaking directly to a friend or family member to make the message more heartfelt. Always remember to write their names when possible. Everyone loves seeing their name. A recorded video is another personal way to send a message.
  • Begin with a Statement of Thanks. Being on the receiving end of gratitude from the company or higher-ups can boost an employee’s morale. Make sure to begin with a sincere thank you to everyone who puts in an effort for the company or organization all year round.

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  • Add Details About Why The Employees Deserve Recognition. By writing their achievements, the employees who receive the message will feel seen, appreciated and affirmed that they made a significant contribution. Genuinely complimenting their efforts or actions helps maintain a quality workplace performance. Customize the end-of-year messages by mentioning the reasons why they are being thanked.
  • Make Them Look Forward to Another Year. Explain to employees all the different goals and initiatives that are coming in the next year. Also mention any growth opportunities or new benefits that will be available the next year.
  • End in a Happy Note and a Reward. Never forget that you can also show your appreciation by giving employees a long holiday, a gift card, coupons, vouchers and the like. Remind your workers to enjoy the holiday season without thinking about work.

Benefits of Writing an End of Year Message

End-of-Year messages only take a few minutes to write and they can provide motivation that lasts for weeks or months with employees. Now is the time to know the benefits of writing a year-end message.

Cultivate a Healthy Workplace Environment 

A happy work environment is a more productive environment. If you look back into the experience, you can probably think of examples where a micro-managing manager or negative coworker made you dread heading into the office. A more positive workplace allows employees to focus on actual work. 

Cast a vision for the future

An end of year message gives you the opportunity to share what’s next for the company. Are you planning to grow into existing new areas of the market? What are some initiatives you’re excited about for the coming year? This is an opportunity to provide insight into the future of the company. 

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Creating a chain of thankfulness

This will create an environment that makes happiness a habit. Employees will learn to appreciate even little acts of kindness and mitigate fights between colleagues by making it a habit. This helps instill a culture of positivity. 

Strengthens relationship 

Finally, by sending a wrap up message like this can deepen relationships with employees. It is a time to tell the story of your shared journey in the workplace and highlight how everyone contributed to a collective goal.  Having a solid relationship with subordinates improving communication and collaboration. 

I hope this guide helps you write a better and more memorable end-of-year messages for all sorts of employees whether you manage a restaurant chain or software company. I encourage you to speak from the heart and send out a message that provides some insight into your personality. Have a prosperous year ahead.