A food truck employee’s development should be tailored to an individual’s personal goals. This can be done with the use of performance evaluations. When done properly the performance evaluation process can be extremely positive for both employees and vendors.

Too often performance evaluations are considered to be painful and too time consuming. If they are properly planned and executed they offer an important opportunity to provide employees with constructive feedback that can help them to in both the short and long-term.

Goals Of Employee Performance Evaluation

These are the five goals of an effective employee evaluation process.

  • The employee and the supervisor are clear about the employee’s goals, required outcomes or outputs, and how the success of the contributions will be assessed.
  • The goals of good employee performance evaluations also include employee development and organizational improvement. The employee performance evaluation helps employees accomplish both personal development and organizational goals.
  • Employee performance evaluation provides legal, ethical, and visible evidence that employees were actively involved in understanding the requirements of their jobs and their performance.
  • In many organizations, numeric rankings are used to compare an employee’s performance with the performance of other employees.
  • The employee performance evaluation provides evidence of non-discriminatory promotion, pay, and recognition processes.

Primary Sections In Employee Performance Evaluations

Customer Service

A performance evaluation for food truck employees would be incomplete without tools that measure how service window employees interact one on one with customers. A performance appraisal for customer service expectations is more than simply evaluating whether they greet customers with a smile or whether managers effectively resolve conflicts with suppliers who fail to provide high-quality food products for use in the truck. Performance appraisals for customer service delve deeper into duties such as how to ensure each customer has an enjoyable dining experience.

Service Standards

Evaluating food truck workers on service standards is similar to evaluating office employees on their job knowledge and function expertise. The term “service standards” refers to an employer’s expectations for employees to be familiar with typical food service practices. This could include how to stay efficient when a truck’s line starts to back up. Service standards also include the techniques for recommending menu selections to customers based on questions about customers’ preferences.


Workplace safety is always a concern in the food truck industry. Mobile food employees are prone to injuries sustained during food preparation, potential disease from perishable ingredients and improper handling of equipment and supplies. These are occupational hazards over which employees have considerable control. That is, if they are provided and understand workplace safety and industry guidelines.

Employee evaluations should include evaluation on whether the employee adheres to safety guidelines. Appraising employee performance for compliance also includes maintaining up-to-date licensing, pursuant to state and local health department and food service regulations.


In most instances, the employee who prepares the food isn’t the same employee who serves the customer’s meal. However, without these different roles, a food truck will find success a distant dream. Teamwork can make the difference between a popular truck consumers can’t wait to experience again and a food truck where the food, service and ambiance are mediocre. Performance evaluations should evaluate employees on their ability to collaborate, make suggestions for improvement and develop positive working relations with all employees, regardless of position, rank or status.

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The Bottom Line

Provide your food truck employees with honest feedback and direction to promote efficiency and increases morale. Providing performance evaluations is something an effective vendor does on an ongoing basis.

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