So you need a new employee for your truck. When a food truck owner starts looking to hire new employees, you must have an understanding of the responsibilities that position holds. Over the next few weeks, we will be covering the basic job descriptions for the various positions within a food truck business. Today’s job description is one of the most important positions on a food truck. Especially, when an owner will not be cooking themselves…the job of the food truck line cook. So today we’ll share a food truck line cook job description for your use.

Food Truck Line Cook Job Description


Food truck line cooks are the people responsible for making sure that food is prepared to the exact specifications of the chef, food truck owner and customer.  While the line cook is typically an entry level position, a new cook is responsible for developing their technique so that they may move up in the food truck kitchen to positions with more responsibility.


  • Set Up. The line cook is responsible for preparing their station(s) before the start of each shift.  The line cook must make sure that all the supplies that will be needed are available and ready for use.  This includes preparing some items in the commercial kitchen before they are stored in the food truck. Or performing simple tasks such as stocking the truck with carry out boxes or food boats.
  • Prepping Food. The line cook will be asked to prep food for service each day.  This means chopping vegetables, butchering meat, or preparing sauces.  Depending on the food truck, the line cook may be asked to prepare items for special events.
  • Cooking. During a shift, the line cook is responsible for preparing the items requested from their station.  This requires working with other cooks in the truck to make sure that food is ready at the right time. Also, in the right order so that it arrives at the service window ready to eat and at the right temperature.  A line cook will often be directed by the food truck manager as they prepare the food.
  • Clean Up. At the end of a shift, the line cook is responsible for cleaning their station. They may also be asked to help others clean up the entire food truck.  This means disposing of garbage, cleaning utensils, pots, and pans, and cleaning cooking surfaces.  The line cook will also be responsible for taking care of left-over food, whether that means disposing of it, returning unused items to the correct inventory location, or storing cooked goods for use at another service.
  • Stocking. In cases where a food truck has access to storage, the line cook is also called on to unload delivery trucks and store inventory correctly.  This can mean stocking pantries or walk in refrigerators, or simply inventorying items and reporting to the food truck manager or owner.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the basics of a food truck line cook job description, you can craft a job listing once you begin looking to fill this role on your truck. Post your food truck jobs with us here at Mobile Cuisine.

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