When it comes to running a successful food truck, it’s all about the details. You’ve probably made sure that the truck looks great and that your equipment operates properly. Your menu is spot on and you’ve put systems in place to make sure it is delivered quickly. The final detail comes down to your food truck service window staff training program. Selecting and training the service staff for your truck is one area that you, as a vendor, don’t want to skimp on.

Food Truck Service Window Staff Training

Today we’ll take a look at three areas that absolutely cannot be overlooked when it comes to your service window staff training.


Step number one in your service window staff training needs to include knowledge. This area is as important, if not more important, as the other areas we’ll discuss today. Training your service window staff to be knowledgeable about all aspects of their position will pay out dividends in the end. When they know your menu inside and out, they can answer questions about various dishes, preparation methods, and potential allergy concerns.

Customers will also often ask about the area your truck is parked, or even about the history of the truck. Because your service staff are the primary customer-facing employee of your food truck, training them well in these key areas is the biggest step to ensuring your customers enjoy the time at your truck.


Knowledge is nothing without etiquette and manners. A proper service window staff training system will recognize this. Your goal should be to teach skills that allow your staff to be socially engaging, approachable, and able to anticipate the needs and preferences of your customers.

While these skills are important to learn, they cannot be learned without opportunities to practice them. Use role playing to encourage your staff to practice the new skills you taught them.

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The last item to focus on in your service window staff training system is appearance. Training your staff in the way of proper appearance is vital to the success of your food truck. As we mentioned earlier, your service window staff are customer-facing. Because of this, everything from poor posture to a wrinkled shirt or body odor can make or break a customer’s first impression of your truck.

PROTIP: Keep clean uniforms available for staff members who come to work in with improper uniforms.

While staff uniforms vary from one food truck to another, there are some basic guidelines for any server in the foodservice industry. Train your service window staff to understand the importance of a clean well-kept appearance. This will show your customers that their business is respected.

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The Bottom Line

Some of these areas, such as your food truck menu, may change over time. Because of this, it’s important to use all of these teaching points as part of ongoing service window staff training sessions. By implementing an ongoing training program, you have the opportunity to increase productivity, update policies, and improve job satisfaction in a job that has high employee turnover. Ongoing training also allows you to evaluate and follow-up effectively to get the most out of your staff.

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