Expressing sympathy to a customer or client can feel awkward. But stepping up and showing some compassion can be huge to building the relationship and demonstrating your humanity. Navigating these soft-skills isn’t easy though. After all, it’s not like most of us learn how to handle these situations in college.

In this article, I share message examples for businesses who actually care. Keep in mind these are not messages that should be mass emailed to customers. Each one of these messages is intended to be sent person to person. After all these sorts of messages lose their meaning when sent en mass. 

Sympathy Message Examples from Businesses

Sending a sympathy card is a good business etiquette that helps build teams and create a supportive environment for your colleagues. Keep these simple and straight forward. 

  • “May you remain strong during this challenging time. If you need extra help during this time, just let us know what we can do.”
  • “Grief is not weakness; it is the courage of facing the truth of a loss and embracing the unprecedented consequence of one’s fate. Acceptance takes time. Hence, take as much time as you need to grieve. We are here for you.
  • “May you find comfort in this letter as you grieve for a fallen soul. It has indeed been a long day for you.”
  • “No words may overcome the sadness that you bear but know that our hearts go out to you with all the love we can spare.”

“May you never be worried about how long you have cried. Let your tears become a river. It’s better not to hide. We’ll be here for you.”

  • “Though our hearts feel the weight of your pain, we can only imagine how much you have grieved. May our prayers be heard and grant you comfort amidst your suffering.”
  • “A human life may pass, but the memories will stay. May reminiscing the times you spent together would somehow comfort you today.”
  • “Every letter in this letter is a prayer from your co-workers. May this message somehow make you feel better.”
  • “Take this time to cherish the memories of the person you lost. We shall grieve with you and be with you in this sorrowful time.”
  • “Nothing is more tragic than losing a loved one amidst the pandemic. Our hearts feel the weight of your pain.”
  • “We understand how difficult it is to lose a loved one, so take your time to grieve. It is our pleasure to let you rest from the pressure you feel at work. Don’t worry. We are here for you.”

Sympathy Message for Clients

CHere are short but effective messages you can write on a card or send via email. 

  • “These flowers have bloomed to comfort you.”
  • “We shall wilt with you in these trying times and bloom with you when the right time comes.”
  • “The truth will set you free, but it doesn’t have to be today. Take your time.”
  • “May this message be a pat on your back.”
  • “It takes bitter times to cherish sweeter moments.”
  • “A life passed is not a life forgotten.”
  • “Let your noble tears mourn for an honorable death.”
  • “More than anything, we wish for your comfort and healing.”

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  • “Hold on as long as you can. It is okay to embrace the pain for now.”
  • “We have filled our prayers with your healing and comfort.”
  • “Our hearts have also wept for the pain you have kept.”
  • “Let every morning be a reminder of hope in mourning hours.”
  • “Let time fly with the pain you cry.” 
  • “May your cries somehow hush you from the pain of your loss.”
  • “Grief has kept us awake in the wake of your loss.”
  • “Your loss is our loss.”
  • “We’ll walk with you down this tough road.”

Sympathy Message for Customers

Here are more messages intended to express grief. 

  • The stars above are wishing you well.”
  • “Take all the time you need to heal. We understand your pain.”
  • “We truly appreciate you for patronizing us. May you feel our sympathy for your loss through these gifts we offer you.”
  • “There are only tears to lose in a mourning time. When the morning comes, hope will find you again.”
  • “To conquer grief is to have the courage to shed tears. You may let it go now.”
  • “Strength also comes from weakness. Savor your pain today so you may heal tomorrow.”
  • “A life lost is not a failure; it is success worth commemorating through tears and mourning.”

“May these flowers be a reminder of our presence in the wake of your loss. You shall be in our thoughts as we mourn for your loved one.”

  • “The thing about memories is that they are capable of immortalizing someone’s existence. May you find comfort in relieving your moments with your person.”
  • “If only we could live forever, we may no longer have to know the pain of losing someone. But it does happen, and all we can do is capture as much memory as we can to relieve them when this time comes. Take this photo album as a new home for your memories with the loved one you lost. It may not be much, but I hope this gift will comfort you.”
  • “In times of despair, be weak and be strong. Be weak enough to embrace your pain and be strong enough to face tomorrow with grief. May you heal in the right time.”
  • “You have a friend in us.”
  • “May you feel our hand embrace your palm with the warmth of this message.”

Sympathy Messages for Employees

More than just co-workers, we’re friends!

Is someone you work side-by-side with going through a tough time? Here are some sample messages you can send to coworkers.

  • “You have worked hard enough. May you take this time to rest and heal from your sickness.”
  • “The world has been too cruel to put you in this fate. May these relief goods feed your soul and make you believe in goodness again.”
  • “Weakness, in trial times, is strength to find.”
  • “May you truly rest without the guilt of losing a day to earn. Compensate yourself with time to heal as we assume your workload. We hope to see you soon.”

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  • “A day of healing is a week worth spending.”
  • “My heart goes out to you right now. May you find strength in these trying times.”

“We have been greatly aware of your absence lately that we can’t help but wonder how ill you have been these days. We’re praying for your fast recovery.”

  • “Your health is also our wealth.”
  • “We understand the rest that you need considering how stressful it has been to work with us. We appreciate your contribution to our success; hence, we would like to honor your hard work with a generous time to recover aside from your compensation. May you gain a better health.”
  • “We acknowledge your need for a leave period. These days have been a rough time for you, and we hope you will overcome the challenges you are facing. We shall wait for your return.”
  • “You may have lost everything in the recent calamity, but you don’t have to be afraid of losing us. We do understand your struggle.”

Professional Condolence Messages

Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Here are some professional condolence message examples. 

  • “You have become part of our second family. Declaring hope in the midst of sorrow and comfort in the midst of pain. “
  • “Let your tears come as we dry them for you.”
  • “We feel your grief, indeed. I hope for immense strength and compassion. Know that you are loved and thought of, always.”
  • “Life is supposed to end, but no one ever gets used to it. We’re sorry for your loss.”
  • “The memories of the fallen soul will remain rooted in our hearts.”

“It may be a loss you will never gain again, but we’ll risk every moment to comfort you to the end.”

  • “Let your tears stain the white petals of this rose.”
  • “Even trees grieve for every leaf they lose.”
  • “Death is a part of life as we are a part of your strife.”
  • “Let your knees be weak, for you don’t have to stand. We shall hold your hand and be your strength in this sorrowful time.”
  • “Mourning is simply a sad way to celebrate life.”
  • “You are a loss we can never gain again.”
  • “Though digging graveyards will not revive the dead, may reliving his memory take you to the best days you ever had.”
  • “After a bitter sorrow is a better tomorrow.”
  • “Your cries will never be loud enough to ease your pain. Still,  you may lend our ears until you are fine again.”

Condolence Messages for Employees

Here are more condolence messages you may include in your sympathy card that will bring solace to your employee’s aching heart.

  • “As a team, we shall share your sorrow and spare you a shoulder to lean on.”
  • “We are truly saddened by your loss. We shall light a candle in honor of your loved one and pray for your soul.”
  • “Mr. (name), I can only imagine the pain you’re going through right now. When the news of your loss reached us, we were truly disheartened as we worried about your being. May you find the courage to remain strong in this weakening moment.”
  • “Ms. (name), losing a loved one is never a tolerable pain to live with. As your work family, we are truly grieving for your loss. May he finally find eternal peace in his rest.”

“Your loss has been a painful thought to process. We may have always anticipated the end of one’s life, but it never dawned on us that it would be this sooner. May you find comfort in his memories.”

  • “In this time of sorrow, the company sympathizes with your grief as we mourn for the loved one you lost. It has truly been a disheartening time, and we understand how difficult it is to move forward from this pain.”
  • “As cruel as this fate can be, we can only thank the Almighty for ending his suffering. Nonetheless, we understand that this sorrow has brought nothing to you but lifetime pain.”
  • “No tears can ever comfort the pain you’re going through but may you cry as much as you need to hush your aching heart.”
  • “Life may seem emptier today now that you lost someone you dearly hold. Your healing may seem as far as tomorrow, but know that your cries are always heard.”
  • “The pain of his demise is truly unbearable. May you feel our presence in this sorrowful and find solace amidst your grief.”
  • “May you endure this cold truth and accept the warmth in our condolences.”

Sympathy Card Message Examples

Words of sympathy would work perfectly in a card.

Sending a sympathy card is a creative way to express your caring thoughts to your chosen recipient. Here are short but heartwarming statements. 

  • “My heart has a room to spare for a share of sorrow.”
  • “Grief is but a cruel friend that embraces you with the truth.”
  • “A life may only endure forever in memories. May you find solace in cherishing the moments you had with your loved one.”
  • “Our mouths shall never hush whispering a prayer for your recovery.”

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  • “May you be blessed with healing and recovery in this difficult time.”
  • “It is disheartening to know your current situation. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you.”
  • “May you still find warmth in the rays of the sun when it starts shining on your gloomy window.”
  • “The birds have sung the sweetest eulogy in the wake of your loss. May your tears clear the clouds under your eyes.”
  • “Under these gloomy skies, we will cry with you.”
  • “She was truly an angel. May the heavens grieve with your loss.”

When you can acknowledge the joyous and difficult events of life, it helps you develop better relationships and stronger connections. It also makes you an actual human with feelings. Expressing caring thoughts is a deed that everyone appreciates, and as a business owner, this act enables you to convey your core values.