(a division of Risk Strategies Company) wants to know your opinion on health insurance for the food truck industry.

We ask that current/future food truck owners or employees take our six question survey. We want to know your opinions and needs for health insurance now that you work in the food truck industry.

1. Are you currently a food truck

2. Prior to owning/working on a food truck did you have health insurance?

3. Now that you are working on a food truck…do you currently have health insurance?

4. If you do not currently have health insurance, what are the reasons you don’t have coverage?

5. If you could get a short term (1-6 month) health insurance policy, do you think that would be a practical solution until you decide to seriously consider an annual policy?

6. Would you consider paying under $100 per month for a single person a reasonable monthy cost?

Please fill out our survey at

Matt Carlson is an Insurance Broker at Risk Strategies Company (RSC) and specializes in insurance and risk management solutions for food trucks/catering trucks and restaurants across the United States. He is a foodie and second generation commercial insurance broker. He provides his clients with General Liability, Auto, Workers’ Compensation and other coverages. Matt currently insures over 30+ food trucks across the country. Some of his more notable clients are Kogi BBQ and the Grilled Cheese Truck. Visit to download a quote application. You can also go to to learn more about the Top 100 national insurance broker he represents.