Now that its 2015 have you had some time to look back at your food truck’s numbers from last year? Do you feel like your food truck business could use a pick me up?

If the answer is yes, consider a new marketing approach for this year. What is one promotion that you have had in mind for your food truck, but haven’t tried? In case you’re looking for some ideas to jump start a new marketing promotion, we’ve come up with 5 food truck marketing tips just for you.

5 Food Truck Marketing Tips For 2015
Set Up Weekly Specials

Weekly specials are profitable because they tend to gain momentum over time by word of mouth.

Select some of your customer’s menu favorites and look for ways to highlight these specials once a week. If your truck is known for your awesome tacos, think about promoting one day a week as “half price taco day.”

Over time, your customers will come to count on your weekly specials and begin to incorporate your truck into their weekly dining plans.

Get Involved

Finding ways to get involved with your community can lead new patrons to your restaurant. Does your city have an annual half marathon that your mobile food business can sponsor?

Does your community have a local charity that you can participate in?

Have you built strong relationships with other businesses in your area? If not, think about how you and another business could team up together to raise awareness for a charity along with exposure for your mobile food business?

Hold Contests

Contests seem to provide a sense of fun and friendly competition to both your food truck staff and customers.

Over the years, we’ve learned that customers love to get involved when there are prizes at stake.

Contests and giveaways also offer the opportunity to gain much desired customer info (think email addresses) for later marketing use.

You can promote your contest through email, text messaging, social media, as well as at truck marketing.

Photo contests are a fun way for customers to participate in since the majority of food truck fans use smartphones to find you.

This trend has made entering contests through sites such as Instagram and Twitter very easy.

Find Excuses To Celebrate

Don’t have to wait for the next holiday season to run a promotion for your food truck. Even small holidays can create buzz if you promote it right.

As an example, January is National Soup Month. Does your truck have soup on the menu that can be featured for the month?

Finding small monthly holidays are a smart way to highlight already existing features on your menu without necessarily having to add new ingredients to your kitchen.

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Create a VIP Club

Food truck customers love to feel that you care about them.

Hosting special events and offering specials and promotions to an email loyalty list creates an incentive for a customer to give you their email address for future promotions.

Dinner clubs, breakfast/brunch clubs offer new opportunities to build great loyalty from your existing customers.

A punch card like incentive offers value as well as thanks your food truck customers for coming back.

Do you have any other food truck marketing tips you would like to share with our readers? If so, please share them in the comment section below, Tweet us or share them on our Facebook page.