The food truck industry is fast-paced and is growing daily. This means that food truck vendors need to stay on top of customer behavior, new technology and menu development. It may sound simple, but with changes coupled with the daily activities a food truck, how do vendors grow their mobile food business in this constantly changing industry? One way is to use the following B2C marketing tips.

Today we’ll discuss 3 basic Business to Customer (B2C) tips that all food truck marketers should include in their marketing playbook. These tactics will help you build your food truck brand and engage prospective customers.

B2C Marketing Tips For Food Truck Vendors

Create A Consumer Avatar

Determining, researching and creating a customer avatar should be the absolute first step in creating your food truck’s B2C marketing strategy. Define your customer avatar to better understand consumer needs, and profile who you plan to reach through marketing campaigns.

If you market to everyone, you market to no one. In other words, segmenting consumers and understanding how to reach them, what they are interested in and what avenues to deliver that information is crucial. Don’t treat all consumers the same; otherwise, you’ll lose the interest, and business of many.

Look At Content And Context

When creating content for your food truck’s marketing, always keep the context of your consumer first. Your content doesn’t have a purpose if it doesn’t have an intended goal; every piece of content you create should be tied to a desired action or outcome. Consumers are multi-dimensional and want to be marketed to as a whole, real person. The best way to do this is to create content that speaks directly to them, and helps solve a problem or need.

You need to understand why your target consumers make the choices that they do, before creating any marketing content. Study consumer behavior, and convert that into a content message and position it appropriately to best reach the target. This is done by determining what marketing channel would be best to share your message (your website or social media channels).

Now you need to consider the timing of B2C marketing content messages. Research when the most of your customers find your content. You may find that your consumer avatar won’t respond to messages over the weekend because that time is spent with their family.

Differentiate Your Brand

Positioning your food truck brand requires an understanding of the market(s) you operate in, and your food truck’s needs. With this information you will be able to meet ever changing consumer needs, and how your food truck brand can suit them.

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The Bottom Line

You need to be comfortable with customer feedback and conversation. Evolving your food truck brand and messaging around feedback and conversations can help align with consumer needs. Also, take the time to listen beyond the purchase process. If you stop listening after an initial purchase, you’ll lose those customers in the long run.

It is your responsibility to know what the consumer wants to create B2C marketing content to help meet your marketing goals. When food truck vendors focus on consumer needs and develop brand messaging around the customer, you’ll earn their loyalty.

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