If you don’t already know, outside of selling great tasting food, business marketing is going to be a huge factor in the success of your food truck business. You can have a great menu and fantastic service, but without business marketing to spread the word it can be difficult to draw customers to your service window, especially if you are just starting out.

Food Truck Business Marketing: Build Your Message, Brand And Business

Business marketing is a tool to tell your community what type of cuisine you serve with your voice and brand. Business marketing is also a great way to provide incentives to customers and give them a reason to come to your food truck over your competitors.

Create Your Messaging

Get your menu out to potential customers. Even if you have a fairly loyal customer base, getting new customers should always be a goal to striving for. Sending out marketing materials like postcards or ads, are great ways to reach a wider range of potential customers.

One thing I still see truck owners avoiding is building an email list. While it may not pay off immediately, the gathering of local email addresses for your list should definitely be something you keep in mind.

Reputation Building

The next step in business marketing for your food truck is to build and maintain a great reputation. Now that you have gotten your brand and voice out there, focus on living up to that standard. Your personal and food truck’s reputation needs to always be kept at a high level.

If your menu and services have a reputation for being dependable and high-quality, customers will continue to track you down. Even better, your reputation will be spread from your loyal customers to their friends and family and bring you even more business.

Dealing With Competition

Unless your food truck serves a completely unique cuisine, most likely there are other trucks or restaurants offering a similar menu. Your business marketing efforts can keep your food truck top of mind of consumers in your market.

If a customer is trying to decide whether to purchase from your truck vs the competition, that marketing ad or email newsletter can be just the push they need to choose one of your offering over the other guys.

Develop A Marketing Budget

Business marketing is crucial to your food truck’s success. However, it can get expensive if you don’t have a marketing budget. Use the rule of thumb 3-6 percent of sales to start with. At the same time monitor your returns from your marketing efforts. Also try mixing up your marketing strategies to include print or online ads, attending trade shows, email blasts, and website development.

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The Bottom Line

Business marketing is one of the most important factors in getting constant long lines at your food truck service window. It will get your food truck’s name out to your local market, help build a solid reputation, and force you to deal with the competition.

How do you handle your food truck business marketing? How has it helped your business? We’d love to hear your story. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter