As a food truck owner, one of your roles is to look for reasons to reach out to your customers and offer them an incentive to come to your truck and make a purchase. The National Restaurant Association projects that 50 million adults will dine out to celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday. A great way to do this is to create Father’s Day promotions for you customers.

Most Popular Dining Times On Father’s Day

According to this new research by the Association, a majority of Father’s Day diners will choose his favorite dining place to mark the occasion, but when?

  • Dinner : 67%
  • Lunch: 24%
  • Breakfast: 11%
  • Brunch: 10%

Celebrate Dad’s With Father’s Day Promotions At Your Food Truck

In case you are interested in tapping into Father’s Day promotions, today we share some marketing offers you can promote:

  • Offer discounts: Dad’s who stops by with one child get 25% of their meal, two kids get 50%, three kids get 75% off, and Dad’s with four or more kids eat free. Dad’s who come to your truck with their families get one free dessert for Dad
  • Hire a photographer: Consider hiring a photographer to snap professional pictures of dads with their families in front of your food truck.
  • Hold a giveaway: Hold a giveaway for tickets to a baseball game, a free round of golf, sports clinics or lessons, concert tickets, etc. Giveaway eligibility rules are up to – it can be based on a purchase, Father’s Day visit to your truck, etc.

Father’s Day Menu Ideas

You don’t have to run a steak concept food truck to have great steaks at good prices during Father’s day. To help create a Father’s Day menu, you can develop a meal deal to celebrate the occasion. This meal deal would consist of an appetizer, main dish and dessert, at a set fixed price, with some alternatives within each category. This will help you increase the sale of targeted menu items, get extra profits and speed up operations on your truck. It will also help to improve customer service during busy days Father’s Day.

In some cases the Father’s Day promotions above won’t work for you but hopefully they get you thinking about what you can offer and how to make sure your food truck line always stay full and provides you with your share of holiday business.

Are you planning  and Father’s Day promotions at your food truck? Share your ideas in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter