Competition for customers can be fierce in the food truck industry. The vendors that want to stay in business must make every effort to stand out from other local food trucks and restaurants. While awesome food and customer service will be the keys to a great reputation, you must continually work to attract new customers. Food truck daily specials are a great way to draw new business.

These specials also create a higher level customer loyalty. Of course, if all the other food trucks and restaurants in your area offer similar specials, no one wins.

4 tips to make your food truck daily specials more special

  1. Use a Favorite Customer Item. Most food trucks have an item they consider to be their most popular. Keep your customers coming back by offering it at a discount on your slowest sales day of the week.
  2. Turn a Special into a Contest. Create a contest in which a particular menu item will be named after a customer, such as “Tony’s Taco.” With each purchase, the customer gets one entry into the contest.
  3. Create a Loyalty Bonus Program. Hand out customer loyalty cards that get stamped or punched once for each visit or $10 they spend. After reaching a certain number of stamps, the customer receives a free dessert, drink, or meal.
  4. Use Promotional Giveaways. Offer free t-shirts or other inexpensive promotional items to customers who achieve something special from your truck, such as eating there for the 10th time or being the first in line. People love to be recognized.

Get Food Truck Daily Specials From Your Customers

One of the best ways to find out how to use food truck daily specials to attract business is to ask customers what they think. Food truck vendors that I have spoken with that use this style are often amazed at the ideas that their loyal customers have as well as their willingness to help out.

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The Bottom Line

Good food and customer service needs to be important to you if you want your truck to remain in business for many years. Just remember that offering customers something a little special is a great way to bring them back for more.

How have you made your food truck daily specials more special? We’d love to hear what you’ve done. Share your thoughts and ideas on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook