In recent years, there has been huge growth in the popularity of food trucks. There are thousands of vendors offering gourmet and specialized menus that are ending the notion that they are one of those “roach coaches.” When it comes to food trucks, location is critical. Location updates keep your food truck followers informed of the latest locations they can find you.

Unfortunately, a simple post that gives them the address or intersection location isn’t enough. Hungry foodies want to know where you’ll be parked, when you’ll be there, and what, if any, specials you’ll be offering.

What Your Food Truck Location Updates Must Include

Use these tips to make sure you include the proper information in each and every location update you send out.

  • Exact Location (Where). Where is your truck going to be parked? If you have a specific address, share it. Will you be at an intersection? Provide the cross streets. If you will be at a park, provide the name of the park and where inside the park your truck will be.
  • Times You’ll Be There (When). So what time will you be at this location? Do not include the time your truck will be parked and prepping. Include both service start and end times.
  • Daily Specials/Promotions (What). Make sure to let fans know what is on your menu, especially if you have daily menu special.
  • Other Trucks (Who). Food truck fans loves when they have options, so include other trucks you will be parked near. Surveys show that consumers are more likely to track down a group of trucks compared to locations with a single option.

How To Provide Location Updates

Updating your food truck location frequently might sound like it’s going to be a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be. Whether your food truck is located in DC, California, or Florida, using a truck locator app is imperative to your success.

There are many food truck trackers on the market, but a few of them stand out in the crowd. Dylan Kough, owner and operator of Smoking Kow BBQ in Washington, DC, puts his faith in Food Truck Fiesta. “In DC, Food Truck Fiesta is the best app. It collates social media posts from trucks and places them on a map of DC. Very helpful.”

Like many food truck apps around the country, when a food truck registers with Food Truck Fiesta, the food truck enters their social media accounts. The food locator app automatically gathers social media location posts each day and places the trucks on a map of DC. Food truck fanatics can register for email updates about their favorite food truck location or visit the map to find their favorite fare.

Chicago Food Truck Finder and Roaming Hunger, are also great options for food trucks to get their names “on the map.” Nina from The Slide Ride publishes their truck schedule to the Chicago Food Truck Finder vendor portal so that customers can locate their truck. has taken the concept of local food truck finders to a national level. Providing the locations of over 6,250 mobile food trucks across the country.

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The Bottom Line

When it comes to running a successful food truck, location updates are critical. Making sure that nearby consumers know where your truck is parked can make or break a day’s sales. As a result, you need to provide the best information available to properly market your mobile food business.

Do you have any additional tips for the information vendors include in your location updates? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section or social media. Facebook | Twitter