Here is a common scenario that many food trucks have to deal with. They have little to no money, but they want to market their food truck. So what can they do? Instead of focusing on costly marketing methods, food trucks must focus on low budget marketing techniques.

Before you start marketing your food truck, it helps to create an ideal customer (avatar) who you want to reach with your promotions. Once you have developed this avatar, you have a huge number of marketing techniques to choose from.

Today we’ll touch on 5 low cost marketing techniques to help increase the lines at your food truck service window.

5 Low Cost Food Truck Marketing Techniques

Link With Your Suppliers

For your food truck website to rank well in search engine rankings, it needs high-quality backlinks. So how and where do you get these backlinks?

If you’ve built good relationships with your suppliers or business partners, you have a great source of untapped links. Reach out to your food truck builder, equipment suppliers and food suppliers and ask them to link up to your food truck’s website.

By using this marketing technique, you’ll gain a few great links, and all it costs you the few minutes it takes you to email.

Conduct A Webinar

Free webinars introduce your brand to your local and even nationwide audience. The more appealing the topic, the better you’ll attract interest. A simple tactic for existing vendors is to create a webinar that explains the process of starting a food truck in your area. New food truck owners can teach some of the culinary techniques you use on your truck.

Developing a webinar will take some time. You’ve got to brainstorm topics, plan the webinar, and spread the word. The benefits, however, are top-notch.

Run A Contest

Running online contests is an easy low-cost marketing technique. Giving away free meal or something as simple as the name of your next menu item is an easy way to gain some social media clout and improve your food truck brand’s image within your market.

Tweet Up In The Food Truck Niche

Twitter is a great place to market your food truck. With its instant reach and massive output, Twitter can produce high levels of traffic to your truck’s next location and plenty of brand exposure for your food truck.

Follow the top ten influencers in the mobile food niche, follow their followers, retweet their tweets, and mention them in your comments. As you begin to gather momentum in their network, you’ll begin to build your own local network within your market.

Speak With Your Followers

Food truck followers love to be loved. The simple way to show this love is jumping on social media and retweeting, favoriting tweets, liking their comments, and sharing their status updates. You have to do some work with this marketing technique but the rewards will end up with larger numbers of brand ambassadors.

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The Bottom Line

These marketing techniques won’t break your bank or blow your marketing budget and chances are, you can increase your marketing presence today by implementing one or more of these methods.

Do you have any additional ideas or favorite no-cost marketing technique? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter