Why should food truck vendors do anything special for Halloween? Because Halloween marketing, or seasonal marketing in general, gives you the opportunity to shake up what your customers normally expect from you. It also gives you the ability to consumer attention at the start of the holiday shopping season.

Regardless of your budget, or the time you have to devote, coming up with a Halloween-themed marketing plan for tonight. Using a little creativity, you can modify any of the ideas below to fit what you’re able to spend so you see a boost in profit.

Today we’ll share 6 Halloween marketing ideas you can use to encourage purchases from existing and new customers to help you make a killing on Halloween.

Halloween Marketing Ideas For Your Food Truck

  • Give out trick-or-treat bags. Buy small bags and fill them with a few pieces of candy each. Be sure to include a business card and catering menu in each bag. You can also give out a code word on social media that customers will need to say when they come in to get their goody bag.
  • Create themed specials. Regardless of what is on your menu, you can cash in on the spirit of October. Bundle some of your food products together and giving them fun names. For example, if you sell food items, put them together and call it your “Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Kit.”
  • Create Halloween-themed social media posts. While staying relevant to what you sell, try to mix in some fun, Halloween-themed posts. Make it fun and interactive to encourage more followers to engage with you.
  • Decorate your truck. Your service window is the perfect place for a holiday display and a great opportunity to showcase any Halloween specials you’re having. Whether it’s cobwebs and spiders or black cats and pumpkins, getting into the spirit can give your truck a fun and festival feel.
  • Offer a “dress up for a discount”. Offer customers a chance to get 31% off their purchase over ‘X’ amount or on one item of at least ‘X’ value. Take a picture of the customer, (with their permission), and post it on your social accounts. This is a fun way to drive business and a great incentive for your customers to track you down and make a purchase.
  • Hold a “show us your best costume” contest. Use Facebook to hold a virtual costume contest where customers post pictures of themselves. The photo with the most “likes” at the end of the day wins a gift card to your truck. Be sure to offer a consolation prize to your followers, which could be anything from 31% off with a promo code or a $5 gift card to your food truck.

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The Bottom Line

Halloween marketing is a great chance to remarket old products in a new way. Get into the spirit of the season by switching up the words you use to promote your menu to capture attention of your consumers, and always offer discounts and give-a-ways when possible.

Remember, there are plenty of competitors vying for consumers’ interest. Will you make your food truck stand out by engaging in a seasonal marketing strategy this year?

Tell us about your Halloween marketing plan. Share your ideas in the comment section or social media. Facebook | Twitter