Tis the season and given the amount of consumer spending up that is for grabs, food trucks that put a solid holiday marketing plan together stand to reap the rewards of increased foot traffic and profits.

When you look at the potential revenues from sales of gift cards, elevated numbers of consumers dining out while shopping as well as the expanded number of corporate holiday events, it’s vital for food trucks to put together a holiday marketing plan to help make the most out of the season. Here are five holiday marketing ideas that can help add to your food truck’s bottom line.

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas For Food Trucks

Get More Social

If we haven’t convinced in the past about the importance of social media, maybe that fact that nowadays that more than 40 percent of referrals happen on social media will do it. Make sure that all of your holiday marketing offers get promoted through each of your social networks and encourage your food truck’s followers to share your updates and offers with their friends and families.

At the same time you spread the word about your holiday marketing promotions make sure that each of your customers are invited to sign up for email updates from your food truck and follow you on social media. Not only can you send them special holiday offers, but you can also remind them that one of your gift cards would be a perfect gift for a hard-to-please co-worker, friend or relative.

Get Staff On Board

Make sure you get your staff familiar with scripts to promote sales of your food truck gift cards or add-on items can be a great way to increase profitability and the amount of the average guest ticket. Add incentives to your service window staff for selling gift cards and up-selling and you’ll set the stage for success during the holidays.

Start Catering

Even if your food truck does not normally offer catering services, offering catering during the holiday season will provide you with a new revenue stream. You can also cater to groups during the holidays and promote special menus prepared specifically for corporate groups holding holiday events.

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Give To Local Charity

If you don’t work with a charity through the year, the holiday season is the perfect time to get started. Give back to a local charity, cause or help local families in need during the holidays. When consumers know that buying your food truck gift cards or eating from your food truck also provides for those in need, they are even more likely to do so as well as bring their friends along.

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Remind Customers That You Are Local

As many of know, consumers are more aware of how choosing to “shop local” during the holidays is beneficial to the local economy overall as well as local merchants. Make sure you let holiday shoppers know that the same local benefits are achieved when they order from your food truck or give away your food truck’s gift cards as gifts.

The Bottom Line

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. Use these food truck holiday marketing ideas to reach holiday shoppers this year.

How did your food truck reach out to holiday shoppers last year; what worked especially well? Share your ideas in the comment section or tweet them to us @MobileCuisine.