The key to success in today’s growing mobile food industry, where customers are getting more choices daily, is effective marketing. We have put together a quick inventory checklist for your use. Does your food truck have or need these basic marketing elements? Run through this list of the marketing efforts below and use the “needs” as the beginning of a new marketing plan based on the basics.

Food Truck Marketing Efforts Inventory Checklist

Have | Need

___ | ___ New logo within the last 2-3 years

___ | ___  Current business ID (business card, letterhead, envelope, label, etc.)

___ | ___  Updated competitor analysis (pricing, products and promotions of competitors)

___ | ___  Update business cards as necessary (at least every year, add Twitter and Facebook)

___ | ___  Online listings and search rankings tracked and updated

___ | ___  Active social media participation

___ | ___  Soliciting and utilizing regular customer feedback

___ | ___  Action plan with timeline for next six months

___ | ___  Appropriate metrics to monitor and plan success

___ | ___  Updated press kit and regular news releases out with photos

___ | ___  YouTube videos posted to branded channel

___ | ___  Photo gallery on website or in print of all menu items and interior/exterior photos of truck

___ | ___  Branded clothing and promotional items (for giveaways and uniforms)

___ | ___  Email list

___ | ___  e-Newsletter to existing customers

If your food truck business has an informal or unwritten marketing plan, now is the time to make it official. If you already have a marketing plan, be sure to update it regularly.

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The Bottom Line

If your food truck’s existing marketing efforts aren’t working, stop now and assess the situation more thoroughly. The food truck industry is growing every day and your mobile food empire can’t afford ideas that don’t work in hopes that someday they might.

Did we leave something off our marketing efforts checklist? Share your thoughts in the comment section, our food truck forum or on social media. Facebook | Twitter