After nearly a decade of being a business owner, I have never stepped away from the first thing I learned; Know Your Customer. Knowing and understanding your customers should be the number one rule of any business. The most successful business owners know their customers as well as they know their own families. In many cases even more. Today we will share five things you should know about customers.

Customers are the reason you open your service window every day, and keep the truck humming every shift.  Ultimately, customers determine whether you stay in business.  You can keep your food truck operating until you run out of money, but unless you have customers to sell to, you don’t have a purpose.

What Food Truck Vendors Should Know About Customers

With the always important objectives of increasing visit frequency and retaining customers, it’s important to focus on these five things about customers that food trucks need to know.

What do your customers think about you and your competition?

If your customers enjoy dealing with you and your staff, they’re visit more often and likely to buy more. And you can only tackle problems that customers have if you know what they are. If you know about your customers views about your competition (food trucks and restaurants), you stand a much better chance of staying ahead of your rivals.

Who are they?

Food truck operators may believe they know their customers based on what they order. Getting this information is easily gathered from your inventory analysis. It stands to reason that if you always run low on chicken, your customers like chicken. However, that number doesn’t give you the full story on who customers really are.

What do customers order?

Again, to get this data, dig into your inventory numbers. Are customers more likely to order the daily special if you send them notification via email, social media or just walk up to your truck? Do they like what they ordered? Encouraging guests to post reviews of your truck gives a more accurate view of your food.

Why do customers come back?

How many customers are repeat visitors and how many are first timers?  Are they using the meal deal coupons you send? Do they share them on social media? Writing reviews of your food truck?  Knowing who your customer is and their behavior means you can target them individually with what is most likely to gain their loyalty.

What do customers expect of you?

The final thing you need to know about customers is what they actually expect from your food truck. For example, if your customers expect speedy lines and good food and you don’t disappoint them, you stand to gain them as repeat customers.

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The Bottom Line

Food trucks that possess this knowledge about their customers and use it to their advantage are wildly successful. Knowing specifically what consumers want, savvy vendors can build and deliver precise menu solutions to meet customers’ needs. They also offer their menus and services at the right locations, at the right price.

Conversely, food truck owners who don’t focus on their customers often fail. Building a relationship with consumers who might make purchases from their truck is essential. Unfortunately, many swing and miss this critical aspect of their business. All too often, food truckers spend their energy on everything but having conversations with current and potential customers.

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