Do you have marketing discipline when it comes to your food truck? Let me ask you this question. How much time should a food truck owner spend each day on marketing and sales building activities for their food truck business? Many experts say 50 percent. The problem is that most food truck owners just don’t have the time to meet this number.

Food truck marketing is not about handing out coupons. It is about ensuring the continued patronage and loyalty of your guests. Bringing them to your truck and keeping them happy, and turning them into word-of-mouth ambassadors. This is the essence of marketing. Nearly everything you do on a daily basis should revolve around this purpose.

Developing A Marketing Discipline For Your Food Truck

Begin today with a new mindset, and develop a daily marketing discipline. Incorporate some of the following activities, and you’ll begin to see results.

Marketing programs

A portion of the daily marketing discipline should be dedicated to guest frequency programs. This is the easiest and most cost-effective marketing tactic. Visit one or two businesses in your market and introduce yourself, deliver a menu, and invite them to visit your truck when you are in the area. A simple marketing program like this is almost always guaranteed to boost sales and customer loyalty.

Community relations

When it comes to promoting your business, the most effective external marketing happens in your area. Look for ways to be involved in local activities or grassroots organizations and get some press in the local media. This will help create brand awareness and keep your food truck top-of-mind.

Keep track of your marketing

Keep a journal or log of each day’s marketing activities. Look back at the end of each month and analyze the time you spent. Did you dedicate 50% of your time? Did it make an impact on sales? Not only will this help to validate your efforts, but you’ll have a record of which marketing programs have been most and least successful for you.

The Bottom Line

The hardest part of starting a marketing discipline such as this is just getting started. But we guarantee that if you make it a priority, you will see results within 30 days.

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