Monday is Memorial Day and going out to eat is on the list of things that people want to do to celebrate. Food truck owners can use Memorial Day promotions to promote their mobile food businesses. You can tap into the celebrations and summer vibe by hosting your own Memorial Day promotion to remind your regular customers that you’re around all summer. You can also use social media marketing to target traveling families who appreciate your particular style of cuisine.

Make your food truck the place to be for families that will be eating out this Memorial Day weekend. You’ll be competing with other food service establishments in town so you’ll want to do something special.

Five Ways To Use Memorial Day Promotions

Offer Specials For Veterans

Memorial Day is a celebration for our veterans. Offer special deals and discounts for veterans and their families. Not only will this type of promotion attract customers to your truck but it will make them feel appreciated and cast a good light on your business. It could be 25% off meals or 50% off side dishes. Anything to show your appreciation.

Make Your Menu Summer Friendly

Strawberries come into season early, and you can offer delicious strawberry salads and desserts as your first menu adjustments for summer. You can also add items to the menu that are picnic-friendly like deli salads, pickles, fried chicken, barbecued ribs, grilled vegetables and steaks. A food truck can showcase their creative culinary skills by creating unique barbecue dishes, sauces and even barbecue for vegetarians.

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Decorate For The Season

Memorial Day is perfect for changing your truck’s decor and menu for the season. You can begin to remind people of patriotism by incorporating flags and red, white and blue colors. If you have a semi-permanent location (Austin, Portland, etc…) create an inviting outdoor space for weary tourists to rest. You can decorate your service window with fresh flowers, to bring a bit of nature to an urban environment.

Cross-Promote Your City

Memorial Day is a great time to run a cross-promotion. Talk with local museums, art galleries, hotels, florists, photographers and theme parks. You can cross-promote your food truck to tourists or create summer packages for weddings and celebrations by offering discounts on admission prices, recommended tours of the city and other promotional ideas.

Whisper Campaign

“Make your Memorial Day sweet: when you place an order of our Freedom Fries, you get another side dish for free! Just whisper “patriot” to the service window attendant!”

This promotion is to be more exclusive and secretive, only your followers (email, text, or social media) know about it. To ensure only specific groups of loyal customers get it, you ask them to whisper the secret code or phrase to your cashier.

The Bottom Line

Memorial Day weekend is a great way to make extra profit for your food truck business. Your Memorial Day promotions can span from Friday to Monday, so you include the entirety of the holiday. This weekend is when big groups of friends and family get-together, so be prepared for large crowds popping up at once. Use this weekend to attract new customers, and honor the veterans!

How will you use Memorial Day promotions with your customers? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter