Mother’s Day is coming up and that means it’s time to celebrate all Moms everywhere. It’s  a time to reflect, celebrate and show love and appreciation and is an excellent time for your food truck business.

This day is something nearly everyone can relate to and is highly appreciated in the US. So much so, that it is one of the highest grossing holidays in the food service industry. So how do you make Mother’s Day work for your mobile food business?

A consistently great menu is why your loyal guests have come to depend on you. However, freshening up your marketing promotions and options is a great idea for drawing in some new guests, and keeping them returning year after year. Let’s look at some ways food truck’s can make this day a notable event.

Mother’s Day Food Truck Marketing Tips

  • Don’t forget. Just as we men are often reminded, don’t forget this Mother’s Day. Just a simple ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ is a welcomed gesture. Express this message to your customers to help build your customer relations. Figure out ways to be a part of their day or lives to make them know they are special to you.
  • Make it special. This is a great time to make your interaction with female customers special. Don’t just make it another day at your truck. Make it special with flowers handed out to female customers.
  • The price is right. With food trucks and restaurants all over the nation competing for their share of the Mother’s Day profits, price point is important. Give your guests enticing reasons to choose your food truck for Mother’s Day by offering comfortable prices.
  • Get them back with a coupon. For short-term results, present a bounce-back coupon to all visitors on Mother’s Day, encouraging a second visit within no more than a month.

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With Mother’s day around the corner, you should start preparing your food truck marketing efforts to get ready for this wonderful event. This week, make sure to train your crew on the promotion. Also, run the online and/or newspaper ad, and send out an email blast promoting your food truck event.

The Bottom Line

A day that Mom doesn’t have to cook or do the dishes is special as it is, yes, but creating some extraordinary menu items at affordable prices will make her feel like royalty. For the food truck industry, Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year with more than one quarter of American adults anticipated to celebrate by dining out, according to the National Restaurant Association.

So what is Mobile Cuisine doing? Well, any food truck business who caters to mothers this Mother’s Day will receive free media from us. That’s right – we’re looking for unique stories about celebrating Mother’s Day. Tell us what you’re up to and you just might receive some free publicity!

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