With the popularity of the mobile food industry across the country, food trucks offer nonprofit fundraising groups a popular way to rasie funds with food trucks.

Increase Your Nonprofit Fundraising Totals With Food Trucks

Here’s how it works: The truck owner gives your nonprofit fundraising group a percentage of the sales on a designated day or night of the event for all the customers that your organization brings to their business. Most of the time the truck will limit their availability to specific times of the week; usually one their slow days or nights.

A food truck fundraiser requires virtually no planning and very little investment from your group. If the truck owner requires a flyer or coupon to be presented for your group to receive credit, it is very easy to create these items yourself or in some cases the food truck owner will print those up themselves.

Why does a food truck participate in this type of fundraiser?

  • It makes the truck look good. Giving back to the community enhances their corporate image.
  • It gives them long lines on a slow night.
  • It introduces people to the food truck that might not visit otherwise.

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What kinds of food trucks participate in these types of fundraisers? Almost every kind:

Many locally owned food truck owners are eager to participate in your event. Don’t forget to add them to your potential list of trucks to call on. They often will offer you a better deal than those owned by chains and franchisees.

Be aware that although some trucks that are owned by chain and franchise restaurants are available for fundraising, the decision to do so is up to the individual food truck operator. And terms of the fundraiser will vary from truck to truck. Some may make you present a coupon, tell the service window attendant in advance, drop receipts in a box, or order only certain things on the menu to qualify.

Any food truck that you, or a member of your nonprofit fundraising group, have a personal connection to via the owner, operator, manager, or worker also may offer you a better deal.

How to hold a successful food truck fundraiser?

The secret to having a successful food truck fundraiser rests with you. Your nonprofit fundraising group must advertise the event to your members and make sure they show up. Ensure a large turnout by asking your members to encourage family and friends to attend the event too.

Some food trucks will allow your nonprofit fundraising members to work inside their truck during your event if local regulations allow. This can be especially effective for schools when the familiar faces of teachers, staff, and administrators are encouraging your members to spend more by upgrading to a special meal or add a desert to their order.

Sometimes the food truck owners will allow you to set up an area to inform the public of your cause and solicit donations via a donation box in their service window or outside of their truck. A popular method is to ask customers to donate the change they receive back from their meal purchase to your cause.

What to look for when soliciting food trucks for nonprofit fundraising.

There are many variables to consider when choosing a food truck for your fundraiser:

  • What percentage will our group receive? Usually the range is between 10 and 25%.
  • What day or days are available? Some food trucks will agree to a week-long promotion, but usually it is limited to one day or night.
  • What hours are available? Obviously the more hours available the more potential for income.
  • Is it limited to just my group? Or will we receive a percentage from everyone who dines during our time period?
  • Can our members work in the trucks or as “celebrity servers”?
  • Can we set up an informational display and solicit funds during our event?

Food truck events are very popular events to center nonprofit fundraising for small groups like school PTO/PTAs, scout groups, sports teams, and other groups with a good size member base but few volunteers. While the potential for large profits from this fundraiser aren’t very likely it can provide a steady source of income for your group with very little effort. And this discretionary spending by members of your group won’t affect the regular fundraising dollars they give.

The Bottom Line

Just think of how many times your family eats out each month. If you could hold a food truck nonprofit fundraising event once a month during the school year the money could add up. Make sure to rotate the food trucks you invite for the best results.

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