The life of the typical food truck owner is a very busy one. You’re constantly worrying about operating your mobile food business as best as you can by creating quality meals and offering great service. Marketing usually comes in second to your food truck business operations, but it is absolutely necessary for your mobile food business to thrive. Postcard marketing has long been one of the most popular and successful ways to build a business for a lifetime of success.

Postcard marketing has emerged as a great way to bring targeted customers to your website and ultimately your food truck. This type of marketing represents the combination of marketing strategies by combining print and digital marketing.

Effective Postcard Marketing In 4 Simple Steps:

Develop A Postcard Marketing Strategy

Are you using postcard marketing to generate a revenue boost at a certain time of year, or are you marketing to grow your clientele for the long-term? Both of these are valid marketing goals, but they will change the time of year you send out your mailers. You have to know what the goal of your postcard marketing is, in order to plan out your marketing strategy and its execution.

Design Your Postcard

Designing a postcard isn’t just about creating a cool looking card. There are 10 elements (this will be a future article) that make up an effective postcard. You have to include all of them to get the best results out of your postcard marketing.

Choose A Targeted Mailing List

This part is very tricky. Who you mail to will determine your success in direct mail marketing. You can design the most engaging and compelling card imaginable, but if you mail it to customers who have no interest in food trucks or don’t have the ability getting to one of your food truck locations, you’ve just wasted a lot of postcards. You have to mail to a very specific demographic of QUALITY prospects, who are ready and waiting to buy from you. Choosing the right targeted mailing list can put your postcard in front of those prospects.

Analyze & Adjust Your Postcard Marketing

Once your results start coming in, the real work has only begun. Postcard marketing is a continual process. Determine what is working and what needs adjusting. You have to track your results with as many details as possible. This allows vendors to know where to stay consistent and where to change things up.

Bonus: 3 pro tricks for postcard marketing

  1. Don’t look like an ad: Try designing your postcards as if they were a message from an old friend. Fonts that look like handwriting, imperfect lines, and fake stick-on notes. These design elements that can help you achieve this look and feel.
  2. Intrigue, don’t close: Your postcard should create interest and intrigue to motivate customers to your truck, not try to close a sale right away, do that with the help of the truck, your staff and your food.
  3. Send customers to your website: How often do you think postcard recipients get a postcard and instantly run to their computers to learn more? Probably not as often as you’d like. Instead, your customers are more likely to check you out the next time they’re hungry. That’s why it’s import for your website to show where and when you’ll be in their area.

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The Bottom Line

We hope this article helps those of you interested in starting a postcard marketing campaign. For those of you who have already run a postcard marketing campaign for your food truck, we’d love to hear your results and any additional tips you may have. Share them in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. FacebookTwitter.