Need a beverage marketing slogan that will quench your thirst for sales? The U.S. beverage industry generated $146 billion as of 2019. This is a massive industry that includes alcoholic and the non-alcoholic beverages.

Want to compete in the drink industry? Here are more than 275 advertising slogans and taglines that will capture the imagination of consumers and improve sales.

Drink Advertising Slogans

  • A moment of chill.
  • My choice, my taste.
  • Desire meets taste.
  • It’s like a party for my taste buds.
  • Taste joy after every sip.
  • Good sip for good moments.
  • Break all the rules.
  • Energize your day, the natural way.
  • Quenching your thirst, fueling your journey.
  • Sip, savor, smile – every time.
  • From morning hustle to evening unwind, we’ve got your drink.
  • Hydration that hits the spot.
  • Taste the adventure in every sip.
  • Elevate your energy, enhance your day.
  • Pure, crisp, and exactly what you need.
  • Dive into refreshment, emerge energized.
  • Every gulp is a journey to joy.
  • Unleash the flavor, unlock the fun.
  • Refreshment that brings you to life.
  • Feel the fizz, embrace the buzz.
  • Savor the sip, enjoy the moment.
  • Hydrate, rejuvenate, and repeat.
  • Nature’s bounty in every bottle.
  • The ultimate thirst quencher for your active life.
  • Bold flavors, unforgettable moments.
  • A burst of energy, a sip of relaxation.
  • From workout to chill out, we’re your drink.
  • Liquid luxury for the everyday.
  • Crafting moments of delight, one sip at a time.
  • Infuse your day with flavor and vitality.
  • Where great taste meets pure refreshment.
  • Life’s too short for boring beverages.

Carbonated Drink Advertising Slogans 

  • Bursting with bubbles, bursting with joy.
  • Sip into the sparkle, dive into the refreshment.
  • Every bubble brings a burst of joy.
  • Refreshment in every fizzy sip.
  • Elevate your thirst with effervescent bliss.
  • Bubbles that bring the zest to life.
  • Cool, crisp, and carbonated to perfection.
  • Fizz up your life with every can.
  • Unleash the power of the bubble.
  • Sparkling sips for sparkling moments.
  • Taste the fizz, feel the refreshment.
  • Refreshing bubbles, unforgettable taste.
  • Dive into a sea of bubbles and refreshment.
  • The ultimate refreshment for your thirst adventure.
  • Experience the explosion of flavor and fizz.
  • Let every bubble pop with joy and refreshment.
  • From the first fizz to the last sip, pure refreshment.
  • Bubbles that dance with every taste.
  • Crisp, cool, and irresistibly bubbly.
  • Where every sip is a sparkling celebration.

Water Bottle Advertising Slogans 

  • Pure hydration, pure life from hidden springs.
  • Nature’s refreshment in every bottle.
  • Sip the purity, embrace the vitality.
  • Crystal clear water for a crystal clear mind.
  • From the heart of nature, to the palm of your hand.
  • Unveil the secret of the springs with every sip.
  • Elevate your hydration with artisan waters.
  • Filtered to perfection, refreshing by nature.
  • Organic waters, for a pure and natural you.
  • Discover the essence of purity in every drop.
  • Nature’s gift, bottled with care.
  • Experience the pure joy of natural hydration.
  • Dive into the depths of pure, untouched springs.
  • Artisan waters: where quality meets purity.
  • Refresh, replenish, revive with every gulp.
  • The purest journey from spring to sip.
  • Crafted by nature, delivered for your hydration.
  • Uncompromising purity for uncompromising people.
  • Quench your thirst with the essence of nature.
  • From ancient springs to your refreshing moments.

Summer Drink Advertising Slogans

A summer chiller.

Summertime calls for cool and refreshing drinks to beat the heat. Here are some refreshing slogans that celebrate the season of warmer weather. 

  • Make your summer more cool with (inset beverage name).
  • We’re spicing up summer.
  • Get ready to enjoy summer.
  • Droolworthy refreshing drinks right here. Right now.
  • We make drinks that are perfect for the warm season.
  • Summertime means downtime with a cold drink.
  • Add more fizz to your summer pool party.
  • Just the way summer tastes like.
  • It’s summer for your mouth.
  • Ice cold for a hot, hot summer.
  • Make your summer extra refreshing.
  • We know how to cool you down.
  • From June to August, this is what we drink.
  • We’re all about beating the heat this summer.
  • Celebrate the start of summer with (insert beverage name).
  • Our lip-smacking drinks are perfect for summer.
  • Sip on this absolutely delicious summer drink.
  • We’re what summer dreams are made of.
  • This is the summertime drink you need.
  • Refreshing drinks to go with the season.
  • This drink just screams summer.
  • We’re taking your summer drinks up a notch.

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  • Let us keep you hydrated this summer.
  • Fend off the heat with this summer drink.
  • Stay cool even during the summer.
  • Taste your new favorite summer drink.
  • They’re pretty and tasty. Try it.
  • Sunny days call for cool drinks.
  • It’s umbrella drink season!
  • We’re making summer extra refreshing.
  • It’s the season for cool drinks.
  • Stay cool and refreshed in the summer.
  • Say goodbye to the heat wave, say hello to cool and refreshing drinks.
  • The drink that’s made for a hot summer day.
  • The perfect drink to pair with summer.
  • Look no further for refreshing summer drinks.
  • One sip and it’s like you’re on a summer vacation.
  • Sip on this refreshing taste.
  • Soothing summer with these drinks.
  • Your body needs that ice cold treat.
  • Energizing refreshments coming your way!
  • This is what summer’s all about.
  • Travel the world in just one sip.

Funny Drinking Slogans

If you’re looking to make people smile, give these messages a try. 

  • It’s the weekend every day.
  • Don’t blink! Your drink will be gone.
  • Why limit happiness to an hour?
  • You look like you could use a drink.
  • A drink that says ‘Let’s Party!’
  • Turning fantasies into reality.
  • Intrigue in a bottle.
  • Here for you everyday.
  • Chill and cheers to the weekend.
  • Get addicted to the taste of (insert beverage name).
  • Silky smooth and velvety. Just the way you like it.
  • Trust us, you can dance.
  • One sip of (insert beverage name) will solve your problems. At least your thirst problems. 
  • Stressed? Grab a (insert beverage name).
  • It’s no secret that the party starts with us.
  • Drink and get addicted.
  • The party won’t start until we arrive.
  • The best alcohol experience you’re going to get.
  • We give you that nice soothing finish you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Making everyday a happy Friday.
  • There’s no such thing as drinking too much.

Health Drink Slogans

Healthy flavored water options.

Today, people are more conscious about what they eat and drink. So, if you’re planning to sell a healthy beverages like vitamin enriched drinks, here is a list of slogans to promote the product. 

  • A drink that’s healthy and delicious.
  • Tasty can also be delicious.
  • Cheers to your health.
  • Become more healthy after every sip.
  • Vitamin D with every sip.
  • The drink that adds more to your life.
  • A healthy way to drink.
  • Drink an entire days vitamin C in a bottle.
  • Always tastes good, always healthy.
  • Tastes like wellness in a bottle.
  • For healthier and more glowing you.
  • (Insert beverage name) brings out the best in you.
  • A sip you won’t regret.
  • Enjoy life the right way.
  • Always good, always fresh.
  • Vitamins in a 20 oz. bottle.
  • Straight from Mother Nature herself.
  • Taste the goodness in our drink.
  • Grab a bottle of wellness.
  • Don’t regret what you drink, drink healthy and feel great.
  • Our drink will help you feel a lot better without regret.
  • Never be the same again.
  • Start your day right with (insert beverage name).
  • The drink that fits your fitness.

Hot Drink Slogans

A hot cup of coffee.

No matter the season, hot drinks are a timeless way to unwind after a long day. Here are a few marketing slogans appropriate for beverages like hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. 

  • Something to warm up your life.
  • Getting a little chilly? Grab a cup of (insert beverage name).
  • Warm up your hands and your insides.
  • Feel all warm inside.
  • Warm you hands and heart with us.
  • Nothing beats a hot cup of (inset beverage name).
  • Share moments with a hot cup.
  • Taste the hotness.
  • Something to keep you warm during winter.
  • A hot drink a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Slow down your day with a hot drink.
  • The warmth that your soul needs.
  • The aroma of warmth.
  • The only hot drink you will ever need.
  • Warm up when it’s cold outside.
  • Take your time and have a sip.
  • Remember, blow it twice.
  • Nothing like a hot beverage to solve your problems.
  • Hot drinks are what we do.
  • All you need is a hot drink.
  • (Insert beverage name), the secret to joy.
  • Feeling those butterflies? That’s not love, that’s (insert beverage name).
  • Fall in love with this hot and delicious drink.

Energy Drink Slogans

Energy drinks give consumers a pick-me-up to power through the day. 

  • We’ve got your energy covered.
  • The ultimate energy drink for an active lifestyle.
  • Every night should feel this good!
  • Staying focused does not have to be hard.
  • Superfuel for life’s fast lane.
  • Be strong, alert, and perform at your best.
  • Restore your mental focus during the mid-day slump..
  • Designed to be different from every other energy drink.
  • Nothing on Earth can stop you.
  • Hype up.

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  • Energy to do more today.
  • Feel the caffeine.
  • Energy for a new day.
  • Built to rock your world!
  • We live by it. We believe in it. Oh yeah!
  • The luxury status beverage of the 21st century.
  • You can’t stop what won’t stop.
  • Wake up. Feel it. Live it.
  • The power within you with every sip!
  • Built on energy. Stimulated by knowledge.

Beverage Advertising Slogans

Pour a thirst quenching can.

Check out the list below to find the right slogan ideas for all sorts of beverages.

  • The drink that brings out the best in you.
  • The king of all drinks.
  • Just the refreshment you crave.
  • Be your best all-day.
  • The drink that’s out of this world.
  • The most bang for your buck kind of drink.
  • Fuel the day with (insert beverage name).
  • Quenching your thirst has never been this tasty.
  • Refreshing taste you’ll remember.
  • Turn that frown upside down!
  • Grab life by the can!
  • Satisfaction down to the last drop.
  • Taking beverages to the next level.
  • It’s the drink you can’t miss out on.
  • The Beverage Movement.
  • Refreshes the body. Refreshes the soul.
  • Highlighting the day our way.
  • It’s so good you’ll be drinking more.
  • Refreshing taste that’s locally made.
  • Make everyday more memorable.

Food and Beverage Slogans

Food and drink still goes together like peanut butter and jelly. Here are some marketing slogans that describe this pair. 

  • We cure your weekday work hangovers.
  • Delicious food and refreshment are always worth your time.
  • It’s time to taste delicious food and drinks.
  • Food or drink? No need to pick a side and have both!
  • The perfect dish and drink combo.
  • Get comfortable with our scrumptious feast.
  • Treat your palate to quality eats and drinks.
  • Good food and refreshing drinks are always within reach.
  • We’re all about ambitious food with delicious taste.
  • Our meals are best paired with friends and family.
  • Food and drinks are all we think about.
  • We plan to make your meal extra special.
  • If you’re into good eats and drinks, then you can’t miss this.
  • We’ve got the perfect food and drink pairing in this city.
  • Here’s to great food and drink, no matter the circumstance.
  • Have your taste buds jump for joy.
  • Get ready for an amazing feast.
  • Savory and Spicy. Refreshing and Tasty. That’s us!
  • Because everyone deserves a delicious meal.
  • Perfectly paired.

Cocktail Advertising Slogans

Need a cocktail?

  • Got cocktails?
  • Keep calm and sip cocktails.
  • You’d rather drink than worry!
  • Tis’ the season of cocktails.
  • Because you deserve a drink.
  • Eat. Sleep. Cocktail. Repeat.
  • Making your parties complete.
  • Blending your spirit with ours.
  • Time spent drinking is never a waste.
  • Why be happy only during happy hours?
  • Little chilly, little sassy.
  • Nothing hot here, everything chilled out.
  • Be the new cocktail star!
  • Refreshed. Rejoiced. Rejuvenated.
  • Sparkle like never before.
  • It’s cocktails or nothing.
  • Get ready to get a hangover.
  • Stressed? Have yourself a cocktail.
  • What’s happiness without a cocktail?
  • Taste of Heaven and a little bit of hell.

Drink Business Taglines

Hey bartender. Mix me a drink.

Here are the best taglines to use for your drink business.

  • The bottle that quenches your thirst.
  • Don’t bother drinking outside your home.
  • All you need for a good time is right here.
  • Get your buzz on.
  • Anytime is a good time to drink.
  • We make your day extra special.
  • Relax and let it sink in for a moment.
  • What truly matters is here.
  • Enjoy the fruit flavor that can give you the energy you need.

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  • We all need a little boost now and then.
  • High-performance nutrition to power up your day.
  • Not just an ordinary drink.
  • No matter what your life always comes up aces, with the right drink for you.
  • The ultimate beverage for those who seek!
  • Give your heart a break.
  • It’s your way to the top.
  • A potion for the mind and soul.
  • Feel More Refreshed.
  • Cleansed inside. Beautiful outside.
  • There isn’t anything like this.

Cold Drink Slogans

Nothing refreshes like an ice cold beverage. Scroll down to find some chilling slogans for a cold drink.

  • Have it cold or not at all.
  • What’s the hurry for?
  • Chill like a boss.
  • Let nothing come between you and success.
  • The most harmless cold drink ever.
  • Have a most needed break for the day.
  • Reach for the stars.
  • Nothing goes wrong with (insert beverage name).
  • Keep the momentum going.
  • A bit of sweet in every cold sip.
  • The success of the drink reflects in your smile.
  • Keep it near you at all times.
  • Be on top of your game.
  • A refreshing cold drink to keep you satisfied for the rest of the day.
  • Refreshing taste with every sip.
  • Something special for the day.
  • Because you deserve a refreshing break.
  • Keep the world in your hands.
  • Complete to the brim of natural flavors.
  • Refreshment that lingers on for hours.

Fizzy Drink Marketing Slogans

Bubbles in a glass.

If you’re looking to serve carbonated drinks, such as sodas or sparkling water, here’s a list of superb marketing slogans ideas.

  • Fizz up your energy.
  • (Insert beverage name). Taste the fizz.
  • Fizzy and healthy.
  • Prepare to exclaim “Ahhhhhh!”
  • The taste you’ll never get over.
  • A fizzy way to enjoy the day.
  • Everyone deserves an afternoon break.
  • Have it any time of the day.
  • Open the thrill inside.
  • Time to fizzle up your life.
  • Cold and fizzy, just the way you like it.
  • Enjoy the fizz.
  • Refreshes your body and soul.
  • The right way to live with energy.
  • The taste that’s trending.
  • Tangy flavored for a unique experience.
  • Flavored for happiness.
  • Fizz up your life a bit.
  • A perfect head start to your work.
  • Add some spring to your life.

Alcoholic Drink Business Taglines


Planning to sell something that’s a little more spirited? If yes, check out these inspiring alcoholic drink taglines.

  • Unwind with us.
  • We’re your favorite partner to end the week.
  • The perfect way to end your day.
  • Life’s too short to drink bad liquor.
  • Love what you drink.
  • Nothing says I love you like a bottle of (insert beverage name).
  • Everything you need to make it happen.
  • Alcohol should be a part of every big event.
  • Tantalizing mix for you to enjoy the weekend.
  • Ready to party? Pick up a six-pack!
  • Looking for a nice gift? How about a bottle of (insert beverage name)?
  • We’re the high spirit people.
  • Pour your favorite.
  • The perfect blend for the edgy.
  • Shaken and Stirred
  • Everything tastes better.
  • Straight from the shelf.
  • Grab a bottle of (insert beverage name) and drink up.
  • Never turn down a drink again.
  • Liquor brings people together.

And there you have it, a cocktail of catchy slogans ready to make your beverage brand the toast of the town! Whether you’re pouring a fizzy soda, a rejuvenating sports drink, or a calming tea, these slogans are designed to capture the essence of a beverage and the thirst quenching appeal of your target audience.