Fast-food chains invest millions in advertising dollars each year to get the word out about their food. There are more than 190,000 Fast Food Restaurants in the United States, but there are only a few chains that have dominated stomach-share over the past few decades like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and KFC.

If you want to sell a high-volume of burgers, fries, and more using a short yet effective slogan for an advertising campaign still worksIf you’re having a hard time thinking of a slogan consider using some one of the ideas I came up with.  

Fast Food Slogan Ideas

Whether you want to sell burgers, pizza, or chicken wings these slogan ideas will help you sell more. 

  • Every Classic Favorite There Is.
  • Good Food Just Like The Old Times.
  • Only The Real Knows.
  • This Could Be Your Diet.
  • On Your Way Home.
  • Eat Twice In Paradise.
  • Welcome to French Fry Paradise.
  • Chasin’ Chickens All Day.
  • Not only fast-food. Made to order meals.
  • This Is The Exciting Part.
  • The simple pleasure of deep fried foods.
  • Drive-thru and enjoy.
  • Grab Your Food Anywhere.
  • The Freshness Doesn’t Go Away.
  • Crinkle fries made right.
  • Farm To Plate, Worth The Wait.
  • We have 15 menu items under $5.00.
  • The Best Part Goes In Your Mouth.
  • Slice The Day!
  • No Boundaries, Just Empty Plates.
  • Be Thrilled To Bite.
  • Burgers served in 5-minutes or less.
  • Plate Licked Clean.
  • Ask For More.
  • Choose What You Are.
  • Good Conversations Over Good Food.
  • We’re Never Late.
  • Make It Fast.

Funny Fast Food Slogan Ideas

Marketing campaigns from chains like Jack-in-The Box prove you can use humor to sell burgers and fries. Here’s a list of funny slogan ideas you can try. 

  • Your Jaw Just Dropped.
  • Catch Your Drool.
  • Don’t Sleep On The Drippin’ Cheese.
  • Tuesday Is For Toasties.
  • Watch What You Eat… And Your Wallet Too.
  • Hungry? Me Too.
  • Takin’ My Sweet Time To Bite.
  • There’s Always One Down The Street.
  • For Lazy Cookers Only.
  • I’m One Oven Away.
  • Always Brew Something Good.
  • How Fast Can You Finish Them All?
  • Just This Once.
  • Free The Fries!
  • Delicious To The Buns.
  • Your Hands Are Made For These.
  • The Flavors Are On The Fingers.

Dirty Fast Food Slogans

Friends enjoying their burgers together.

Feely a bit edgy? Want to be slightly controversial? Here are messages that could stop people in their tracks. 

  • Eat, Don’t Think Twice.
  • Blowin’ Minds Since 6 A.M.
  • A Glorious Meal Every Morning.
  • Come For Me.
  • I Like It Rare.
  • Don’t Diet.

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  • Juicier Than Any Meat.
  • You Know It’s Rare When It’s Pink.
  • Strip That Loin For Me.
  • Nice Buns!
  • Grab This Loin-Stirring Goodness Now.
  • Hit The Bun Real Good.
  • Side Chicks Do It Better.

Canadian Fast Food Slogans

Do you want to promote a fast-food restaurant in Canada? Get inspired here. 

  • Only in Canada can you get salt and vinegar fries.
  • We don’t serve French fries. Only Canadian fries.
  • Sweet, Salty Or Both.
  • The Salt Pays Off Well.
  • Just Give It A Taste.
  • Good Weather, Great Food.
  • Up North… Poutine is always on the menu.
  • We serve condiments like vinegar and ketchup.
  • The Best Burgers North of the Border.
  • Never Too Much Sodium.
  • Thirst For It.
  • Always Take It With A Grain Of Salt.
  • Meat Always Seasoned.
  • Na, We’re Good.
  • A Story Behind Every Stew.
  • Been To Bison’s?
  • Not Us Eating Salt For Breakfast.
  • Just A Little To Taste.
  • A Pinch Of Soul In Every Bite.
  • That’s When You Na It’s Canada.
  • Start A Fire Healthily.
  • A Slice of Canada.

Philippine Fast Food Slogans

What’s your favorite snack?

Filipinos are fond of eating fast food too. In fact, Nielsen revealed 54 percent of Filipinos dine at a fast-food joint at least least one time per week. Check out this list of slogans to capture the hearts and stomachs of Pinoys.  

  • Waste No Time.
  • Every Juan’s Craving Satisfied! 
  • Nanguguna Sa Masang Pinoy.
  • We Thrive With You.
  • Keep Going, Champ!
  • All Rise For The Rice!
  • The First Bite To Your Dreams.
  • Deserve Ko ‘To.
  • No More Pagudtom! 
  • Tastes Like Winning Every Time.
  • Check Out Food While You Chika.
  • What’s The Tea?
  • Loved By Many.
  • No One Cooks Well Like Mama.
  • Everything Tastes Like Home.
  • Be Your Tummy’s Hero.
  • Smell Mom’s Love From The Kitchen.
  • Tastes Good, Basta Food.
  • Your 5 A.M Kitchen.

Burger King Slogans

Whopper with fries.

Burger King built their brand around flame broiled burgers and the king. Look at some of the advertising slogans they’ve used in over 19,247 global locations.

  • Double Quarter Pound King, Double The Fun 
  • Taste The Smoky, Flame-Grilled Difference 
  • The Whopper Is For Everyone 
  • Freshly Grilled For You
  • Tastes Like Freedom 
  • Your Way, Way Better 
  • Made From Plant, Tastes Like Beef
  • Share A Whopper To Say Thanks! 
  • We Do It Like You’d Do It
  • Best Food For fast Times
  • Got The Urge?
  • Who’s Got The Best Darn Burger In The Whole Wide World?
  • The Bigger The Burger, The Better The Burger
  • The Fire’s Ready
  • Get Your Burger’s Worth
  • Go On. Say It.
  • Flame Grilled Goodness
  • A Meal In Itself
  • Home Of The Whopper
  • Be Your Way
  • America Loves Burgers And We’re America’s Burger Kind
  • At BK, You Got It
  • Quality Just Tastes Better
  • Taste Is King
  • Sometimes, You’ve Gotta Break The Rules
  • We Know How Burgers Should Be
  • Make It Special, Make It Burger King
  • Your Way, Right Away

McDonald’s Slogans

McNuggets and fries are perfect pair.

“I’m lovin’ it!” Sounds familiar? This is only one example of the classic Mcdonald’s slogan. This multi-billion fast-food chain has used multiple slogans and taglines throughout the years. Here are a few of them to study. 

  • There’s A Little Good Around Every Corner
  • Did Somebody Say Mcdonald’s?
  • Hungry? McDelivery Will Be Legendary!
  • It’s Mac Tonight
  • Do You Believe In Magic?
  • Put A Smile On
  • Dip Into A Delicious Kind Of Love! 
  • You Deserve A Break Today
  • Unleash Your Inner Craving 
  • Look For The Golden Arches
  • The Closest Thing To Home
  • We Do It All For You
  • The Simple Joy Of McDonald’s
  • McDonald’s and You
  • Lovin’ Beats Hatin’
  • Good Is Brewing
  • It’s A Good Time For The Great Taste Of McDonald’s
  • Get Down With Something Good
  • Taste Of Korea K-Burgers
  • Have You Had A Break Today?
  • Real Good, and Still Only 15 Cents
  • We Love To See You Smile

Sonic Slogans

Savory chicken from Sonic.

As of 2022, Sonic has expanded to 3,548 restaurants in 46 U.S states. Here’s a list of some slogans they’ve rolled across television ads, social media audiences, and direct mail pieces.  

  • Service With The Speed Of Sound
  • This Is How We Sonic
  • Happy Eating
  • You Guys Wanna Hang Out Sometime
  • America’s Drive-In
  • Sonic Everywhere
  • Faster and Better Than Ever
  • This is How You Sonic
  • No Place Hops Like Sonic 
  • Even Sweeter After Dark
  • Summer’s Funner
  • Sonic’s Got It, Other’s Don’t
  • Drive-In For A Change
  • It’s Sonic Good
  • All Summer Long

Chick-fil-A Slogans

The famous Waffle-cut potatoes.

Have you seen the Chick-fil-a slogans with cows writing on the billboards? I used to see these all the time while waiting in Southern California traffic. Here are some of the most creative examples from past campaigns.

  • Best Thing That Ever Happened To Chicken
  • Eat Mor Chikin
  • Home Of The Original Chicken Sandwich
  • We Didn’t Invent The Chicken, Just The Chicken Sandwich
  • Cow Superheroes–United They Stand. Divided They’re Steak!
  • All Roads Leed To Chikin
  • U Wanna Peece Of Me?
  • Tell ‘Em Tha Cows Sent Ya
  • Beef Eaterz– We Saved U A Seat
  • Chikin Putz u On Tha Nice List
  • Try Grilld Chikin, Itz Smokin
  • Makez Office Partees 96.4% Better
  • Chicken (Perfectly Spelled and Prepared)
  • Wake Up And Smel The Chikin
  • Chikin: Part Of A Balansed Diet
  • Smart Peeple Eat Chikin
  • Go Tha Extra Mile 4 Chikin
  • Smyle Atlanta, Yer Eatin Chikin
  • Beef Eaterz Beware—Weer Very Sneekie
  • Vote Chikin, Itz Not Right Wing Or Left

Wendy’s Slogans

Everything you love about Wendy’s is in a box!

Since 1969, Wendy’s has consistently promoted their Old-fashioned Hamburgers in their slogans. Check the list below.

  • Always Fresh Off The Grill 
  • Hot And Crispy Fries Don’t Arch 
  • Go Make The Donuts And Leave The Breakfast To Us! 
  • Freshly Made, Not Pre-made. 
  • Real Value, Real Food, Real Fast. 
  • Hey Donut Man, How Do You Like Them Fresh-Cracked Eggs? 
  • Old Fashioned Hamburgers
  • Wendy’s Has The Taste
  • You’re Wendy’s Kind Of People
  • Where’s The Beef?
  • The Best Burgers In The Business
  • Here’s The Beef
  • Quality Is Our Recipe
  • Made To Crave
  • You Up For This?
  • Always Great, Even Late
  • That’s Fresh, That’s Class, That’s Wendy’s
  • It’s Hamburger Bliss
  • It’s Better Here
  • It’s Way Better Than Fast Food.. It’s Wendy’s
  • You Know When It’s Real
  • Now That’s Better
  • We Got You
  • Ain’t No Reason To Go Anyplace Else
  • Deliciously Different

Subway Slogans

Subway captures the customers’ attention who are looking for fresh food because they always communicate it in their slogans. Subway has a long history of hiring famous spokes person athletes like Tom Brady and Megan Rapinoe. Read the slogans of the United States’ “leading sandwich chain” below.

  • Eat Fresh
  • Build Your Better Breakfast 
  • Get Wrapped Up In Deliciousness
  • It’s Good To Ham It Up From Time To Time 
  • Make Any Footlong Fresh Melt 
  • Where Fresh Is The Taste
  • MAke It What You Want
  • Big On Taste, Not On Fat
  • No Ordinary Wraps
  • Search For The Better
  • Founded On Fresh
  • Fresh Is What We Do
  • Keep Discovering
  • Subway My Way
  • The Way A Sandwich Should Be
  • Fresh Is Best
  • Choose Well
  • When You’re Hungry, Make Tracks For.. Subway
  • Let It Melt 
  • Our Ingredients. Your Masterpiece. 

KFC Slogans

KFC has been serving “finger-licking goodness” across the United States since 1956. Here are some slogans they used from that year until today. 

  • North America’s Hospitality Dish
  • We Fix Sunday Dinner Seven Nights A Week
  • Finger Lickin’ Good
  • Follow Your Taste
  • Upfloat To Cool Down 
  • Snack On The Way
  • Hit Me Gravy One More Time 
  • Bring Home The Boneless Chicken 
  • Bring The Bucket Home 
  • When In Doubt, Snack It Out 

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  • Decades Of Deliciousness
  • Make It A Double Down Day! 
  • So Good
  • It’s America’s Country-Good Meal
  • It’s Nice To Feel So Good About A Meal
  • We Do Chicken Right
  • Everybody Needs A Little KFC
  • Nobody Does Chicken Like KFC
  • Colonel Quality, Guaranteed
  • Eleven Herbs and Spices
  • Buy A Bucket of Chicken And Have A Barrel Of Fun
  • Yes, Virginia, There Really Is A Colonel Sanders
  • Until We Can Finger Lick Again
  • The Future Tastes Exciting. Ready?

Fast Food Slogans That Rhyme

If you want your slogan to be stuck in the mind of your customers, make it rhyme.

  • You Know It’s Good If It Lifts Your Mood 
  • Savory Chicken For All Men.
  • Bring Out The Bun Under The Sun
  • Flippin’ Patties Since The 90’s
  • Squeezin’ Lime Every Time
  • Go Fast, Make It Last
  • The Crowd Goes Where The Cheese Flows
  • Always Convenient In Any Moment
  • Rise For The Pizza Pies
  • Think Straight To The Plate
  • The Freshly-Made Food Parade
  • Go Moo or Go Boo
  • Wings, Fries, and Everything Nice
  • It’s Okay, It’s Cheat Day
  • All Feet Lead To Meat
  •  Made To Order Across The Border
  • Only Down For The Best In Town
  • Tummy Says Yummy
  • Always Hot, Wing Or Not
  • When Hunger Strikes, Fast Food Hikes
  • The Cheese Wedge Knows Its Edge

Fast-Food Taglines

Serving food to their customers.

Have you thought of a tagline for your fast-food restaurant yet? Here are a few suggestions. 

  • Always worth weighting.
  • There’s no doubt in between the buns.
  • Whatever’s inside the box, it’s good.
  • You gotta stop in and enjoy.
  • Do you really want a salad?
  • Don’t just eat, feed your soul.
  • We toss goodness in every way.
  • When you love food, life is good.
  • Celebrate with comfort food like this.
  • Where strangers find home in good food.
  • The taste of hard work never fails.
  • It’s fine, there’s salad on the side.
  • Success is scrumptious.
  • You’ve done well! Eat well done.
  • Your presence is a treat.
  • That’s the wheat of flavor!
  • Soar where the wings take you.

Fast-Food Quotes

If you’re running out of inspiration, read the quotes below to spark creativity in your mind. 

  • “At some point, they are going to have to knock a hole in the side of the wall and throw the rotisserie chicken out as you drive by.” —Harry Balzer
  • “The journey of a thousand pounds begins with a single burger.” —Chris O’Brien
  • “It requires a certain kind of mind to see beauty in a hamburger bun.” —Ray Kroc

“Believe it or not, Americans eat 75 acres of pizza a day.” —Boyd Matson

  • “Society is fast – fast food, fast cars, fast everything.” —B.J. Armstrong
  • “The idea behind fast food is great – people want convenience.” —Kimbal Musk
  • “If you’re out, and starving, and need a bite to eat, then you need fast food.” —Nicholas Hoult
  • “Fast food is popular because it’s convenient, cheap, and tastes good. But the real cost of eating fast food never appears on the menu.” —Eric Schlosser
  • “The problem is when that fun stuff becomes the habit. And I think that’s what’s happened in our culture. Fast food has become the everyday meal.” —Michelle Obama
  • “They call it fast food because you’ll reach your death a lot quicker if you go too fast with it.” —James Blacker

Despite the recent health crisis, fast food and quick service restaurants have proved they can thrive in spite of unpredictable black swan events. As of 2022, the industry continues to grow at 4.9% CAGR with a projected value of $308 billion by 2027.

One way to capitalize on this industry growth is by eveluating the top revenue generating fast-food chains. One under the radar example is Potbelly that’s aiming for 2,000 total units and has been in business for decades. 

I hope these slogan ideas have inspire you to reach new levels of success with a fast-food restaurant. If you plan to use any of these, let me know on social media.