The United States is hugely dependent on road transportation of goods due to the size of the country. Employing millions of truck drivers and generating billions of dollars in revenue, the industry serves as a vital lifeline between the producers and consumers. Over the past year and a half of supply chain challenges, it’s safe to say a larger percentage of the general public now understands the importance of this industry on the country’s economy.

The trucking industry is one of the most important industries that delivers food to grocery stores and restaurants. Getting ahead in the industry often comes down to better marketing and on-time customer service. And you can help to obtain that status by utilizing slogans, taglines, and marketing to give prospective customers an understanding of your services. Here are some suggestions you can use.

Trucking Slogans

Trucks in traffic.

  • Best Moves for your Business.
  • Bridging the gap between where your stuff is and where your stuff’s going.
  • Creating a sustainable future one delivery at a time.
  • Don’t get stuck with the rest, TRUCK with the best.
  • It takes the heart of a trucker to move this country.
  • It’s time to drive with the best.
  • Let us deliver on time.

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  • Let your success ride with us.
  • Moving your products across all borders.
  • No highway is too long.
  • No matter what it is, we’ll haul it.
  • Our superior service stands alone.
  • The best is the least we can do.
  • We set the standards others try to live up to.
  • We will go behind the Horizon for you.
  • When not delivering is not an option.

Funny Trucking Slogans

Pup in a truck.

You can even make your slogans funny, like these, so that people will be more likely to remember you from them. The best remembered slogans are often the funniest ones.

  • 18 wheels of perfection.
  • Carrying your load.
  • Let us take the weight off your shoulders.
  • Let us unload your worries and load you up with a truckload of savings!
  • Millions of Miles with Smiles.
  • Our trucks save you bucks.
  • Running on the power of promise.
  • Taking you into the great beyond.
  • The freight of your work on our shoulders.
  • We care about your load.
  • We got 18 wheels on our wagons.
  • We move mountains for our customers.
  • We take a load off your mind.
  • You call, we haul, that’s all.

Dirty Trucking Slogans

Wash me.

Be careful with these slogan ideas because they could be off-putting for corporate customers.

  • Drivers as dirty as their trucks
  • Flatbedders do it with straps and chains
  • Let’s ride in my truck…
  • Loaded up ‘n’ hammering down
  • Truckers – Masters of the gear shift
  • Truckers always wear protection
  • Truckers are in it for the long haul
  • Truckers do it with 18 wheels
  • Truckers only stop when they’re done
  • Truckers use bigger equipment
  • We ain’t earnin’ if the wheels ain’t turnin’
  • With oversized loads comin’ at you!

Trucking Taglines

Seasonal truck.

Taglines for a trucking business can showcase better qualities and give potential customers a specific reason to hire you over another firm.

  • A New Trucking Perspective.
  • Accelerated Trucking.
  • Efficiency on the move.
  • Expanding Horizons.
  • Full-service Trucking.
  • It’s just a smart trucking move
  • Linking you to your customers.
  • Our trucks save you bucks
  • Redefining Trucking.
  • Always on-time hauling.
  • Satisfying your every trucking need
  • Taking trucking to a whole new level
  • Trucking Awesome.
  • Trust by the truckload
  • You call. We haul.
  • Your friendly neighborhood truckers
  • Your gateway to the World.

Logistics Marketing Slogans

Marketing in the logistics industry is important for getting new clients. And these marketing slogans can help raise awareness for your customers.

  • Because you need a logistics partner to keep up with your growth.
  • Eliminating logistics headaches
  • International freight and logistics at a click of your mouse.
  • Logistics for the future of your business.
  • Logistics is a journey, not a destination.
  • Logistics solutions you can rely on!
  • Logistics technology that’s light years ahead.
  • Logistics to connect your world.
  • Logistics you can trust and services you’ll approve.
  • Safe, on-time freight delivery is our business.
  • Simplifying your logistics needs with a personal approach.
  • Solving logistics together.
  • Transportation logistics for the 21st century.
  • We manage your complex logistics issues so you can focus on building a stronger business.
  • We think about logistics, so you don’t have to.
  • World-class delivery from a logistics company that puts you first.

Transportation Company Marketing Slogans

  • Bridging the gap between where your stuff is and where your stuff’s going.
  • Connect with the world, connect with the journey.
  • Delivering it right the first time, on time.
  • Distance is just a detail, we take care of the rest.
  • Don’t ask why you should hire us. Just ask yourself why you wouldn’t.
  • Experience the difference that comes from a commitment to service.
  • For every aspect of shipping, we’ve got you covered.
  • Great transportation solutions that stand out from the crowd.

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  • Live the experience, feel the experience.
  • Make the big move, make the right move.
  • The right transportation solution for you.
  • They say it can’t be done, we say it will be done.
  • Transportation is not a new field. We’re just doing it a little better…
  • Transportation solutions for enterprises of all sizes.
  • Transporting goods, let our fleet take you there.
  • We customize each solution to perfectly fit your business.
  • We do not charge for time and fuel.
  • We drive the economy with limitless possibilities.
  • We have what it takes to move your business forward.
  • World-class transport with the best possibilities.

Trucking Quotes

  • “Both men and women drive commercial trucks. About one in twenty truckers in the United States is a woman.” – William David Thomas
  • “I don`t think there`s any real motivation for somebody to be a truck driver. Mine was simple; dad was a truck driver, I wanted to own one.” – Lindsay Fox
  • “I’ve been on every interstate highway in the lower forty-eight states by now, and I never get tired of the view.” – Steve Earle
  • “In any other job, they`re truck drivers. In show-biz, they`re Transportation Captains.” – Drew Carey

“Life on the road can be one of two things. If you are flexible–able to adapt and change to new situations and events–truck driving means constant adventure.” – Connor Syrewicz

  • “My dad was a truck driver. We all used to ride along with him. And the way he`d keep awake was to sing while he was going down the road. So we all joined in.” – Johnny Van Zant
  • “The best truck drivers are patient, independent, determined, and hard working. They love adventure and like thinking quickly.” – Joanna Dunham
  • “Truck drivers are the only ones that know the best places to stop on the road.” – Carole Eastman

“Truck driving means the stress of never knowing where you will be and what you will be doing the following day.” – Connor Syrewicz

  • “Come on, you can’t name a truck after a chick.” – Dwayne Johnson
  • “There is more credit and satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a tenth-rate executive.” – B.C. Forbes
  • “You’re never lost. You always know exactly where you are. You’re right here. It’s just that sometimes you’ve misplaced your destination.” – Brian W. Porter

Statistics About the Trucking Industry

Around 71% of all freight handled in the United States is done using trucks, transporting shipments of goods from milk to gasoline across the country every day. Around 11.84 billion tons of freight were transported in trucks throughout 2019.

The trucking industry generates around $791 billion a year in revenue from freight haulage, amounting to around 80% of the country’s total freight revenue. And this generates more than $45 billion in federal and state highway taxes. And around 32% of freight trucking costs are spent on driver’s wages.

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At the last count in 2018, there were almost 37 million trucks in operation for business purposes, not including government trucks and farm vehicles. And this is a mere 24.2 percent of all the trucks registered in the United States.

The trucking industry employment makes up for around 5.8% of all jobs in the United States, from truck drivers and loaders to other jobs related to the industry, not including those truckers that are self-employed. Of the 7.95 million employees in the trucking industry, 3.6 million are truck drivers. And of those, women actually make up 6.7% of the nation’s truck drivers.