Sticker marketing can help a food truck stick out in the minds of their busy customers . It can also allow them to stand out from their competitors. The great thing is that a food truck owner doesn’t need a huge marketing budget.

Why Sticker Marketing?

Stickers resonate with everyone, and who doesn’t like free stuff? In a food truck sticker marketing campaign you could provide stickers as giveaways in contests or pass them out at food truck events because everyone likes stickers…especially the kids. Sticker marketing taps into the emotions of one’s childhood and people don’t outgrow that. Stickers are one of the most versatile marketing tools that you can use.

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Once you place a sticker in the hands of one of your food truck customers they become an extension of your brand marketing. Stickers can be placed on almost anything, no other marketing products seem to be as effective.

As your custom food truck stickers travel through everyday life, it can obtain countless impressions (impressions are not just about what clicks) for your brand at no extra cost.

Getting Started With Your Sticker Marketing Campaign

A sticker marketing campaign for your food truck can be considered as a guerrilla marketing tactic, so where you leave your food truck stickers or how you distribute them is going to determine how they work. Just handing them out can be considered boring and sticking them on things without permission could get you into some trouble.

In case you typically err on the cautious side. Here are some safe ways to distribute your sticker marketing campaign within your local area.

  • Bookstores: Visit a local bookstore. Slip your food truck stickers into all books related to the food industry. Just don’t actually stick them in or on books.
  • Staff: Hand out the stickers to all of your staff members. Have each one leave a sticker along with their tip every time they eat out. This might take a while to gain momentum, but when it does, finding one of your stickers could be something that people start to actively desire and talk about.
  • Customers: Hand out stickers to select groups of customers waiting for their order or in line at a big food truck event. This is where creativity comes into play, as well as the importance of being a bit choosy. Giving them out to everyone won’t have the same effect as being selective.

If you’re going to be leaving your stickers in random places, be sure to have your food truck website  URL printed on them (or your logo) so the people who find them have some way of tracking them back to you. If you are handing them out at a large food truck event, this isn’t as necessary, as once people start asking where they can find those stickers, they’ll direct them back to your truck, which is where viral marketing comes into play.

The Bottom Line

Food truck marketing is about relationships. Communicate what makes you unique and of value to the people who will benefit and are willing to support your food truck. Sticker marketing can be used in a number of ways to strengthen that bond. It also encourages that the word is spread. Sticker marketing utilizes one of the lowest-cost, highest exposure marketing tools available to make connections with your future customers.

We hope this article gets your imagination going. Now go create an even better sticker marketing campaign for your own food truck.

Have you used sticker marketing for your food truck? We’d love to hear how it worked and the strangest place you saw one your truck’s stickers? Share your stories in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter