A press release is all about creating publicity for your food truck business. The more publicity work you do for your truck the more your business will get recognized throughout your local area and may even lead to more customers walking up to your service window. If you’ve never produced a press release for your mobile food business writing an effective one can be easier said than done.

Three Steps To Writing A Press Release For Your Food Truck

Follow these simple guidelines to start writing a press release for your food truck business.

Know the purpose of your press release

A press release serves to market your business in a “newsy” format, and it is one of the best ways to distribute information about your food truck. Before you begin writing, you must decide on your main objective. Is there a big event you are trying to promote? Have you released a new menu for your truck?

Have you increased the size of your food truck fleet and want the public to know about it? Make sure that whatever you write about is of interest and importance to the public. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to get your information out.

Format properly

There is a correct format to follow when writing a press release. If you don’t follow it, your work will convey the message that you are unprofessional and that your work should not be taken seriously.

First, make sure to include a catchy headline that conveys the reason you are writing. Sometimes, it is necessary to include a brief, italicized summary of the copy underneath the headline. Next, be sure to include today’s date and the date you would like for the information to be released.

When you are ready to write the body, make sure to include a powerful lead and several paragraphs with all pertinent information. Quotes add credibility to your writing and make a strong statement.

Conclude your press release with a concise paragraph about your company – this is called a boilerplate – and be sure to include your contact information. The end of your press release is signified by typing “###” or “-30-” a few lines below your text. If your copy is more than two pages, write “-more-” at the bottom of the first page.

Include the right information

The most important thing to remember when writing a press release is to write it in a “news” style tone. Consult an AP or Chicago Style manual is you are not familiar with the standard conventions for abbreviations and punctuation. As stated above, a strong lead should give the reader a reason to want to keep reading, and the following copy should be factual evidence that supports the subject of your press release.

Many times, newspapers and other publications will publish portions of your press release without revising or rewording anything as long as your copy is clear and free of errors. Write a press release that is newsworthy, relevant, and interesting, and you will be on your way to publication in no time.

Now That Your Press Release Is Done

Once you’ve finished writing a press release, it’s time to start feeding it to the media. This can be done by yourself, but it may take you a little time to research the media outlets that would best fit your information. Local newspapers will be your best bet as they are typically willing to help spread the word about the mobile food industry in their local news or culinary lifestyle sections.

There are also a number of free press release services on the Internet. Many have multiple options for release. Typically they have a basic membership which will send your press release out to the search engines. If you are willing to spend a little money, these same sites offer options to allow for even more circulation. This will depend on the number and type of organizations the press release is distributed to.

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The Bottom Line

There’s no guarantee that writing a press release will ever get you published. However, by taking a consistent, professional approach with local media editors, the chances  you’ll get some coverage is good. Writing a press release is also a great way to communicate with current and prospective customers. Directing them to your website is an effective way to promote your brand to your target markets. It also helps build your marketing efforts, as well as your food truck’s credibility and authenticity.

If you would like to have your press release reviewed and possibly published by our staff at Mobile Cuisine feel free to submit your release to our general email address at [email protected].

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