CHICAGO, IL – The Chicago City Council is expected to take up an ordinance allowing operators of food trucks to prepare meals aboard their vehicles.

Chicago, known for its high-end restaurants, has lagged behind other cities when it comes to joining the food truck craze.

The trucks, with their niche menus, can operate in the city. But chefs can’t cook and prepare food onboard — and they are governed by strict rules prohibiting them from parking within 200 feet of a restaurant.

The proposed ordinance would allow chefs to cook and prepare food onboard the trucks and creates parking zones around the city.

However, it doesn’t eliminate the 200-feet rule, increases the fine for setting up shop inside that zone, and would require trucks to carry GPS devices to track their movements.

The council meeting is scheduled to start at 10AM central time.

You can follow the city council meeting via streaming video.

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UPDATE: The results are in <here>