Heat-WaveDURHAM, NC – Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges asked food truck owners how they keep cool during the summer. This is what they said.

•  “Keeping cool inside the food truck is like keeping cool in a sauna, almost impossible,” said Ryan McFadyen, owner and chef of Phat Wrapz, which sells unique and traditional wraps. “However we do a few things to help with the heat such as running cold water on our wrists every hour because there is a main vein right there that can help cool you down a little bit. We eat smaller meals more often rather than large quantities of food at a time. And I have even eaten spicy food to activate receptors that cause you to sweat more, which actually circulates your body’s temperature.”

•  “Sometimes I sing Christmas carols to keep cool,” said Alex Swearingen, head chef for Baguettaboutit food truck, which serves gourmet sausage-stuffed baguettes. “Lots and lots of cold water.”

•  “We’ve learned to make crepes with our eyes closed,” said Jody Argote, owner of Parlez-Vous Crepe, which specializes in authentic, made-to-order sweet and savory crepes. “That way we can better visualize the intense heat is from the sun’s rays as we lie on a pristine beach somewhere in Aruba.”

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