For this week’s 5 on Friday we spoke with the owner of the Maryland based food truck, L’iL Mack’s Barbecue. We wanted to learn more about him, his food and why he decided to join the mobile food industry – and share it with our readers.

Name: William Kellogg

Age: 56

Food Truck Name: L’iL Mack’s Barbecue

Twitter:  n/a


Location: Maryland

Year started in the mobile food industry: 2005

Mobile Cuisine:  Why did you become a food truck owner/chef?  

William Kellogg: To carry on the tradition started by my father-in-law.

MC: What was the inspiration for your menu and how did you settle on your food offerings?  

WK: My menu selection was based on the items my father-in-law sold in his restaurant for over 50 years.   It worked well for him & I knew that I wanted to follow in his footsteps by making the best eastern north Carolina minced pork barbecue and starting a new tradition of offering minced turkey barbecue.

MC: Do you have a favorite moment since opening your food truck?

WK: Yes.  I have to say my favorite moment occurs each time I open up the windows of the trailer at each event I vend.  It’s my “aha” moment.

MC: What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself and your food truck in 2 and 5 years?

WK: Right now my wife, son & I are vending on a seasonal basis as my son & I have permanent full time jobs.  I plan to retire in 2015 and devote my time to traveling across the northeastern US to vend festivals and continue spreading the food truck fighting hunger initiative.

MC: What one tip or piece of advice do you wish you had been given before opening your food truck?

WK: If it’s not broke don’t fix it.   Stick with what has been successful over the years.  Change may be inevitable, but not always in your best interest.  Wise advice passed down from my father-in-law.

BONUS:  Why did you choose to join the food truck initiative Fighting Hunger In America?  How do you plan to encourage donations?

WK: My family & I wanted to give back and the food truck initiative allows us to present the idea to a new wave of future donors.  We have printed flyers that gives a brief overview of the Fighting Hunger in America goal & mission and we hope this will encourage folks to participate and donate.  In addition, we have also incorporated the info & website on our customer receipts.

If you’d like more information about joining the Give Network Food Truck Fights Against Hunger, check out this article.