5 on Friday: Kenneth Danko

For this week’s 5 on Friday we spoke with the owner of the Southern California based food trucks, Devilicious. We wanted to learn more about him, his food and why he decided to join the mobile food industry – and share it with our readers.

Name: Kenneth Danko

Age: 31

Food Truck Name: Devilicious Food Trucks

Twitter: DeviliciousFood

Website: DeviliciousFoodTruck.com

Location: San Diego, Riverside, Orange Counties

Year started in the mobile food industry: 2012

Mobile Cuisine: Why did you become a food truck owner/chef?

Kenneth Danko: I have always enjoyed cooking and have worked in the food manufacturing industry.  I wanted to change from working for someone to being my own boss and having people enjoy my food and creations.

MC: What was the inspiration for your menu and how did you settle on your food offerings?

KD: Our gourmet sandwiches are a take on twisted comfort food where we want our guests to enjoy the exciting flavors we have to offer.

MC: Do you have a favorite moment since opening your food truck?

KC: Being on the local news for events and achievements are great moments since beginning on the truck.

MC: What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself and your food truck in 2 and 5 years?

KD: We have plans of expanding the current operations with multiple trucks and a brick and mortar.

MC: What one tip or piece of advice do you wish you had been given before opening your food truck?

KD: You have to love what you are doing so the long days wont seem like work.

devilicious logoDevilicious

Devilicious Food Truck…Food so Good, It’s Bad

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