By creating a unique, relevant, and enduring brand position for your food truck and developing a solid understanding of your customers’ purchasing behaviors, you give your mobile food business a fighting chance. Answering these three questions will help you define your food truck in one essential aspect of your food truck’s success: Why us?

Define Your Food Truck By Answering 3 Simple Questions

Spend some time asking and answering these questions to get a better understanding of your food truck’s brand.

QUESTION 1: Who are you?

Question one isn’t meant as a trick question, but it is deeper than the obvious. The question gets to your tagline: What makes your mobile food business special? What are you bringing to the streets that none of the competition are?

QUESTION 2: What do you sell?

Again, there’s a deeper meaning here. Food trucks don’t just sell food; they sell entertainment, comfort and warmth. You must determine what it is that your truck truly sells.

Beyond the products on your menu, beyond the services, you have to offer something more — because right this instant, there are a thousand other food trucks that can make the same food, but it is what you do differently that counts.

QUESTION 3: Why does it matter?

Relevance, relevance, and relevance again. If your message, your offer, your truck’s brand doesn’t matter to your customers, you’re already losing the battle to the next food truck that’s willing to give or do more than you do for your most important customers.

So now ask yourself, why you? If you’ve done the work right your answer isn’t “Because we have great service” or “Because we have great prices.” Just about everyone in the mobile food industry can (and does) say that. The real answer, the deeper answer, helps you get, keep, and escalate the number of customers that frequent your service window.

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The Bottom Line

If you can’t define your food truck, how can you expect your customers to define it? That’s the key to this exercise. You should never let these questions go unanswered because you cannot let others define your brand.

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