From crafting the menu to completing paperwork and booking a launch location, planning your food truck’s  grand opening is a marathon, not a sprint. Now you are down to the wire and want your hard work to pay off in the form of a successful launch day.

3 Quick Tips To Ensure A Successful Launch Day

Here are a few quick tips to ensure a successful launch:

Just Do It

Don’t let last minute jitters or obstacles postpone your launch date. The sooner the food truck is on the road, the more successful your business venture will be.

Mike Baum, owner of Pho King Kitchen and Paradise Melts food trucks operates in Arizona and turned a $9,000 investment into a $250,000/year business with his food truck aspirations. His advice is, “Don’t spend all of your money on your truck. First get on the road. Make improvements to your rig over time. The difficulty is not the cooking in this game. The difficulty is getting consistent, well paid events.” So, when your launch event is booked, stick to the date.

Brand, Brand, Brand

Of course, all food truck owners envision a launch day with endless lines and noisy cash registers. But even if that isn’t the case on your opening day, take the opportunity to introduce your brand to the world. Take a few photos of your truck on opening day and post them to social media sites and tag everyone you know to create a buzz.

Having swag on hand to pass out to opening day customers is an impressive way to create brand “stickiness.” Kyle Hollenbeck, owner of Left Coast Burrito Co., Modern Tortilla, and Aioli Gourmet Burgers has this advice to offer, “The best thing to do for openings are have swag. People will love to buy shirts, hand out coozies and sun glasses.” Creating a launch day experience will have customers coming back again.

Be Open to Feedback

You have heard the expression, “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” Don’t let that be you. You have been obsessed with every detail of your food truck and need some outsider perspective. Launch day presents an opportunity to learn.

If your launch is part of an event, observe other food trucks for ideas. During slow times, talk to neighboring food truck owners and ask for feedback about your menu, truck, processes, brand, etc. If your launch is a standalone street location, ask your customers for feedback. Let them know that you are committed to delivering the best possible experience and be open to constructive suggestions. Consider feedback from various sources as you continue to grow.

The Bottom Line

The most successful launches will combine long-term planning with a few last-minute tips and an overall positive attitude. Dive right in and serve the masses.

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