Be sure to set realistic expectations when marketing your new food truck brand. Established brands that come from the brick and mortar restaurants start with name recognition and emotional connections to thousands of fans, a huge advantage on social media.

Set Realistic Expectations When Stating Your Food Truck

If you’re opening a new food truck in Plano, Texas, don’t count on thousands of fans liking your page or following you your first week.  Unless you come up with a killer PR pitch that gets you on local TV and the front page of the Dallas Morning News. For new mobile food brands, begin your first marketing project by creating an attractive marketing message or a strong call-to-action that will help you establish yourself in your market.

Tap Into Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is the driving force behind engagement marketing for food truck brands today. With so many platforms to chose from targeting varying demographics, it makes sense that any food truck looking to establish their social reputation and expand their reach would do so with an eye towards utilizing social media to their own best advantage.

However before diving head-on into the fray, it is critically important for every food truck owner to set realistic expectations for their business in terms of what social media can and cannot do for them.

Expecting near-instantaneous mass saturation of your brand is at best a pipe dream. The most successful social media campaigns have nearly all been the result of long-term planning and lots of trial and error. If you think you’ve got it all figured out, think again.

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It Won’t Happen Overnight

Starting a food truck isn’t going to make you millions overnight. It is going to take time to see a good profit. There will be slow times. It’s important to prepare for this. By setting realistic expectations you will get past the tough times and endure.

You won’t get everything right the first time. Some things will still be trial and error. Don’t feel defeated; learn from mistakes and use them to push forward. Making and learning from errors is part of the road to success.

The Bottom Line

There is no shortage of factors to consider when it comes to having a well thought-out social media presence. However, with a logical approach combined with realistic goals, you can offer yourself your best chance to succeed.

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