Your food truck mission statement for your mobile food business must be looked at as a strategy. It must be a clear description of where your mobile food business is headed in the future. The mission statement distinctly sets your mobile business apart from other trucks in your area. Developing a mission statement shouldn’t be a quick wordsmithing exercise.

Why It’s Important To Put Together A Food Truck Mission Statement

  • It Points Your Business In The Right Direction. The mission statement serves as a compass that keeps everyone clear on the direction of the organization. It’s your direction, not your intention, that determines your destination.
  • It Isn’t Your Vision. Unlike the vision statement, the mission statement tells you what we’re doing today that will then take us where you want to go in the future.
  • It Helps In Decision Making. A clear mission statement sets important boundaries which enable food truck vendors to delegate both responsibility and authority.
  • It Shows You What To Measure For Improvement. If you have a clear, written statement of mission you will know exactly what to measure and how to measure it.

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Putting Your Food Truck Mission Statement Together

As much time and energy should be devoted to writing a mission statement for your food truck as is to creating a budget.This process should involve the staff (if you’ve already hired employees) and partners to ensure that everyone embraces the organization’s strategic direction and is willing to be held accountable for it.

Here is The Burnt Truck‘s (Orange County Food Truck) mission statement:

“To bring distinctively upscale taste to the streets of Orange County without all the fuss and nonsense of a high-end restaurant.”

Like anything with lasting value, crafting your food truck mission statement requires time. It also requires thought and planning. However, the effort is well worth it. In fact, most start-up entrepreneurs discover that the process of crafting the mission statement is as beneficial as the final statement itself.

Going through the process will help you solidify the reason for what you are doing and clarify the motivations behind your business.

Once your food truck mission statement is complete, spread the word. You need to convey your mission statement to others in and outside your business to tell everyone you know where you are going and why.

Post it in the truck, where you, employees and customers can see it every day. Print it on company materials, such as brochures and your food truck business plan or even on the back of your business cards.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes prospective food truck vendors ask me if it is really that important to have a written mission statement. For some companies it seems to just be a plaque on the wall with little or no value. I hope this article shows why it is critical that every food truck business have a clear, written mission statement.

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