Today we discuss 3 ingredients needed to start a successful mobile food business. No food truck or cart business succeeds without a great chef, great locations to operate from and a great concept. Not only do you have to have all three of these points buttoned up, but they all have to work well together.

You Can’t Start A Successful Mobile Food Business Without These 3 Ingredients

  • Great Kitchen Staff
  • Great Locations
  • Awesome Concept

Great Kitchen Staff

Your chef, or kitchen staff must fit your food truck concept, otherwise you’ll constantly be dealing with the most common word in the food truck industry; drama! Working with people is never easy, and no one is perfect. Building a team of folks who all have the passion for the same goal is not easy.

In the food truck industry you have to continue to train your staff members. Sometimes it’s better to say goodbye, but investing time in an employee who is willing to learn and shares a passion for the common goal is priceless. It’s how a successful mobile food business survives.

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Great Locations

The locations you park your food truck should be where you can find your preferred customer demographic which need to fit into your concept. Some mobile entrepreneurs will say, “Well, location doesn’t matter because I’m going rule social media which will allow me to create a destination food truck business.” The fact is that these owners say that when they don’t have access to good parking locations.

You need to understand that accessibility is everything. The more accessible you can make your food truck, both in terms of location and pricing, the greater your chances of success. Look at the most successful food trucks across the country: They’re the most accessible in terms of location, brand, and price point. These food truck owners have booming businesses because they’re incredibly accessible on all levels.

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Awesome Concept

There are over 7,500 food trucks and 625,000 restaurants in the United States. That means diners literally have hundreds of thousands of choices for where to dine out. And that’s if they dine out; with grocery prices decreasing, and menu prices increasing, it’s even harder to entice people to leave their homes.

So how do you make your food truck stand out from the crowd? How do you make people excited to visit your food truck? You have to come up with a great food truck concept.

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The Bottom Line

Just one of these items out of kilter could lead to your quick demise as a mobile vendor. Because of this make sure when you are developing your food truck business plan, you take each item into account.

Would you include anything else in our list of three ingredients you can’t start a successful mobile food business without? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. You can share your ideas in the comment section below or social media. Facebook | Twitter