And they are all centered on Chef Ron Eyester

Although slow, the Atlanta area’s food truck industry is building up steam.  You might think that with this happening, restaurant owners would do all they can to keep from losing paying customers. One such owner, Chef Ron Eyester, has done the complete opposite, and actually expressed his rant with one of the largest food sites in the country. Shared with us by eatocracy, we have found that Atlanta diners have a tendancy to bother the owner of Rosebud Restaurant, and the great businessman he is, he felt it would be a wonderful idea to share his thoughts.
1. He hates when you rearrange his furniture, “Do you like it when people come over to your house and move your furniture around? Yeah, neither do we.”

2. God forbid you want to celebrate a birthday at his restaurant. “I love how a restaurant is expected to acknowledge your birthday like it’s a national holiday or something.”

3. Don’t you dare stay there too long or get there a little late, “One of my all-time favorites: People’s utter disregard for hours of operation.  ‘Oh, you all are closed? OK, well, I just get some food to go.’ No, I don’t think you get it – we’re closed.”

4. Should you be late for your reservation? “You know what happens when you’re late for a flight? You miss it! You know what happens when you’re late to the movies? It starts despite the fact that you’re not there. Why am I obligated to hold your table when you’re late?”

5. Be very careful, don’t be so sure that you and the chef are friends, “A chef really loves when you drop his or her name – especially when you don’t have a reservation on a busy night.”

6. Finally, it appears that the time that is the best for us, should not be the time we call to him, “Why do people always seem to call the restaurant at the absolute worst time (i.e. between 12:45 and 1:30 p.m. and 7 and 9 p.m.) to inquire about our menu or make a reservation?”

A word of advice to you Chef Eyester, as a business owner, it is up to you to help attract customers, not keep them away. Unfortunately, even if you do learn this lesson, it will have been too late, as we will be sure to avoid your eatery the next time we visit Atlanta. Where’s the taco stand?