For decades, it has been conceived that food off a truck was limited to variations of pre-packaged sandwiches, a bag of chips and something to drink out of a can. The world of fine cuisine scoffed at any hint that food trucks could produce anything to compete with the menus of the restaurants that these trucks or carts were parked nearby. When I refer to food trucks, I am often asked if I am talking about the catering trucks of old. This is certainly not the case, and more people are starting to understand this. Recently Food & Wine compiled a list of the nation’s Top 10 Best Restaurant Dishes $12 and under and to my surprise; a food truck’s cuisine was included on this list.

The Korean BBQ, Kogi Truck of Los Angeles had their Blackjack Quesadilla spotlighted in this list of delectable low price treats. Co-owner and rising star, Chef Roy Choi, has created a dish that takes grilled, marinated pork belly, marries it with Jack cheese and then tops this gem with a roasted garlic–jalapeño sauce. This culinary delight is sold for the low cost of $7, and is by far the favorite item ordered from Chef Choi’s mobile kitchen.

The continued popularity of food truck convenience will certainly keep the industry in the news. As more mobile chefs create dishes like the Kogi Blackjack Quesadilla, the food they serve may get people to choose a truck over a nearby restaurant more often than not.

The Kogi BBQ Truck can be followed on Twitter at: kogibbq