When designing a new food truck concept or menu or updating an outdated one, you should be as educated as possible about the food truck customers you’ll potentially serve. Any major alteration to your menu can deflect, or attract an entirely new demographic.

dining trends

For example, did you know that San Franciscans eat 4.4x more brussel sprouts than anyone else? Even though brussel sprouts originated in Belgium, they’ve been thriving on California’s central coast since 1940.

Depending on your location, here are a few more good-to-knows when furnishing a delectable new menu worth tasting.

  • The world’s most popular foods are salad, chicken, cheese, rice, tea, coffee, milk, eggs, apple, soup, yogurt and eggs.
  • Salad, but especially Caesar, is a San Franciscan’s favorite food. San Franciscans also adore brussel sprouts, crab, sourdough and cashews.
  • New York is the “healthiest city in the U.S.” and its residents prefer ingredients like arugula, oatmeal, wheat and almonds.
  • Philadelphians struggle with a high rate of obesity and love pretzels, cheddar, bagels and lattes.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota is considered the most “fit” city, followed closely by Washington, DC and Boston, Massachusetts. The Huffington Post notes that when people are choosing a neighborhood to move into, “what an urban environment has to offer, health-wise may become an increasingly important question.”
  • Premium ingredients and gluten-free products are becoming especially popular in the pizza-making world.
  • In the last 10 years, chip consumption has risen by nine percent by diners. Homemade, bagged, salty or gourmet, people are opting for chips with their meals more than ever.
  • Americans eat 47 percent of their meals away from home.
  • Americana is a growing trend, polishing the plates for soul food, comfort food and Southern cuisine, even in northern areas like New York City.
  • According to Vertical Measures, 92 percent of Americans enjoy going out to eat and 77 percent say socializing during a meal is a better use of their leisure time than cooking and cleaning at home.

To keep up on the latest trends, there are numerous source for this data for food truck owners, but we would like to think you’ll keep coming back to mobile-cuisine.com to get yours.