In the last few years the country has seen exponential growth in the mobile food industry. Many of these mobile eateries center their menus on comfort food also known as “stoner food” which is often carb-heavy and deeply satisfying. Most 420 munchies are greasy and crunchy, and that is the style of food that a lot of these chefs on wheels are going after these days.

L.A.-based clinical nutritionist Stephan Dorlandt, known as the “Angry Nutritionist” on YouTube, believes that to be an “Ultimate Stoner Food,” a food product has to meet the following criteria:

Ultimate Stoner Food For 420

  • Taste should be savory; that is, not salty or sweet (not bitter or sour), but finger-licking good.
  • ‘Mouth feel’ should be soft yet firm (like scallops); not mushy; not messy; self-contained (fits in one hand); not bony (if you’re stoned you don’t want to be surprised by a bone); not stringy, not seedy; consistent overall texture.
  • Temperature should be warm. Too hot or too cold can be surprising (and dangerous) to those under the influence.
  • Easy to digest. You want to enjoy your munchy and your high, and not be plagued with indigestion, gas, etc., so fried foods and pizza are out.
  • Easy to prepare and/or ready-to-eat.

Dorlandt’s recommended foods which meet some (if not all) of these criteria include samosas, the stuffed triangular pastry; scallops with butter and garlic sauce; melted brie on a French roll; the Italian dumplings known as gnocchi; the Middle Eastern confection halvah; macadamia nuts; artichoke hearts; shiitake mushrooms; baked cassava chips; and miso soup.

According to Roy Choi of Kogi taco trucks, the emphasis on stoner food is similar to the cult that arose out of the Grateful Dead in the ’60s: “Then, people who attended the band’s shows got high and shared live music. Now, people get high and share delicious, inventive and accessible food.”

Primary Reasons Food Trucks are the Perfect 420 Munchie Solution

  • It is easy to locate the trucks in your area via twitter or website maps.
  • Many trucks serve tasty “stoner food.”
  • Most menu items are easy to eat finger food.
  • Food truck food is primarily inexpensive for those who have spent their money on “other” things.

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The Bottom Line

If you really spend any time thinking about about it, you would realize that food trucks serve amazing 420 stoner food and carry almost everything a college kid with the munchies and a bank account could ever possibly want out of life.

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