While mobile food units go by many names (food trucks, food carts, food trailers and roach coaches) one thing is clear, they have hit the road running and there is no sign that they are slowing down. Although not a new idea by any means, the present-day gourmet food truck is a high powered marketing, social networking   and branding juggernaut.

Food truck franchise group

When the new breed of gourmet food trucks began rolling into major cities across the U.S., many wondered whether mobile food was just a fad. A study by Technomic stated that 91 percent of those polled, who are familiar with food trucks, felt that the trend has staying power. Only 7 percent of consumers who use food trucks say they expect their frequency of visits to food trucks to decrease over the next year.

This news has attracted franchisors to get into the market as well. Some of the food franchises that are taking to the road are Qdoba, Sizzler, Dairy Queen and Johnny Rockets.

According to Alisa Harrison, a spokeswoman for the International Franchise Association, a Washington trade group, “Food trucks are a natural fit for many franchises… (they are) replicable, which is one of the most important things about being able to franchise a business.” she said.

The unfortunate downside to these national chain franchises is that they usually require large sums of up front and liquid capital to become part of their team. This business model goes against the main reason most food truck owners have entered the industry (the lack of mass financial backing).

The Food Truck Franchise Group, of Chestnut Ridge, New York has strayed away from the typical franchisee market by focusing on providing a means for individuals and small business owners to buy into their franchise without breaking the bank. Their franchise fee is $25,000 and the truck cost is an additional $60-70,000. They assist the buyer with the purchase of a fully equipped truck, provide business and culinary training, a mobile app, point of sale system, marketing, and help in finding locations to park their vehicle and start selling their fare.

Robert Mytelka the founder and CEO of FTFUS says he decided to get into the food truck business after helping his cousin launch Latin Burger & Taco, a Miami food truck operation. He saw an opportunity to help people struggling during the downturn in the US economy. These individuals may include those who have lost their jobs or the returning airmen, soldiers and marines that are reentering the workforce after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The company’s brand, Gourmet Streets™, offers a franchisee the choice of 6 different cuisines to be served from their food truck:

  • Gusto’s™ Food Truck Italian Cuisine
  • Chillipeppers™ Latin Asian Cuisine
  • Mambi’s™ (a dessert truck option)
  • American Fare™ (this menu includes items such as Philly cheese steaks, New Orleans shrimp gumbo kabobs as well as San Francisco sourdough sandwiches)
  • Eastside Deli™ (deli sandwiches)
  • Sizzle Stix N’Burger (grilled options served on a skewer)

Not only does Gourmet Streets provide their franchisees with a full menu (complete with recipes), their culinary advisors will help a franchisee mold their menu to best fit the community they serve. Chef Daren Bulley is the man in charge of assisting the franchisee within the areas of catering, brand development, and franchise sales. Chef Bulley, graduated from Johnson & Wales Culinary School, and has worked as an Executive Chef as well as opening an award winning catering business called Divine Providence in Providence, RI.

Knowing that a food truck is not a one person operation, the group works closely with several culinary schools and can assist in staffing the business, and training, as needed.

Their business model is simple and focused as they have done most of the upfront work for you. They provide the opportunity to express your culinary creativity in markets where gourmet food truck franchises will prosper.

The Food Truck Franchise Group’s mission is to enhance and grow the current food truck industry throughout the United States, helping those who aspire to be in culinary arts and food service, and who want to own their own business. To do this they offer individuals a turnkey system to gourmet food truck business success.

To find out more information you can contact the Food Truck Franchise Group at:

750 Chestnut Ridge Road
Chestnut Ridge, New York, 10977

Phone: 888-983-8383
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://gourmetstreets.com
Twitter: @ftfus