Food truck gas station

Image from flickr: @heylovedc

Food trucks have big tanks, low gas mileage and also run on generators to prepare their food. High price tags at the pump mean more pressure to sell their gourmet fare, and a lot of it.

Yesterday’s nationwide average for regular unleaded fuel is $3.87, another jump from $3.80 last week, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

Prices a month ago were $3.60. Last year at this time, consumers were paying $3.56 at the pump.

Yesterday’s mid-range unleaded is $3.99, from $3.95 last week, while today’s premium unleaded price is $4.12, from $4.08 last week.

Diesel fuel prices are averaging $4.14, from $4.12 last week. The price of diesel fuel is up from $3.96 a month ago, and from $2.94 a year ago.

Oil prices are at a 10-month high amid tensions with Iran, causing a disruption in supplies. Many analysts have predicted that gas prices could reach $4 a gallon by spring, citing production issues and ongoing political turmoil in foreign markets.