Following its famous cousin Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving that American retailers count as the largest in-store shopping day of the year), Cyber Monday marks the day that most Americans spend the most time (and money) online shopping during the Christmas season. Retail analysts are projecting a 1 billion dollar online shopping season this year, and Sprint is attempting to use the increased popularity of the food truck industry to help their online sales today.

Sprint has recruited four food trucks from the Southern California area to help them promote their 4G cellular network. The offer extends from 11 am until the food from these trucks lasts or 2 pm (whichever comes first).

The trucks involved in this promotion and their locations:

  • NomNom Truck: Corner of Olympic and Bundy, Santa Monica
  • Lardon: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (Hope and 9th), downtown Los Angeles
  • Dan Dan BBQ: Somewhere to be determined in Orange County
  • Louks Greek Gourmet: Corner of W. Chapman Ave. and Harbor Blvd., Anaheim

Although you may wonder how food trucks and the Sprint 4G network are being tied together, wonder no longer, just look at your Twitter feed on your phone. Food Trucks and Twitter have become synonymous when mobile gourmands attempt to track down these mobile eateries for their next meal.

The trucks that are part of this promotion have been equipped with the faster 4G connection to get their location out to their followers. According to Sprint, the 4G equipment turns the food trucks into “fast mobile hotspots,” from which you can experience 4G goodness on your own mobile device.

If you have 3G you may wonder what Sprint 4G offers, Sprint claims the following:

  • 4G is 8-10x faster than 3G
  • Sprint is the first true national carrier of 4G
  • Sprint 4G is currently in more than 62 markets nationwide and expanding to more in the coming weeks

So whether you plan to upgrade your phone or not, at least you are able to get some free food while making the decision.