The Realities of Starting a Mobile Restaurant [INFOGRAPHIC]

We hope you like dining at food trucks, because it looks like they’re here to stay. According to data released in this information-packed infographic by Column Five Media, there was a nearly unanimous agreement by those surveyed that food trucks are a staple in our dining scene. It’s no longer just fast food or sit down restaurants, food truck dining is another option.

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  1. Sandy Moynes Feb 16, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Actually, The Great Mobile Food Truck made food trucks cool. 2 years ago selling a food truck was a harder sell. Now with the show showcasing the vendors counting out a couple thousand dollars at the end of it, there is hardly any convincing. What we try to do it is to make sure they are heading in the right direction. We ran almost 400 carts and trucks in Canada and have some experience. We now just manufacture custom trucks and trailers for Canada and the USA. You made some good and very correct points. There are so many variables to a successful mobile food truck business and you would need to hit them most of them; presentation of vehicle, good location, great food, great service, cleanliness and friendliness.Believe it or not, sometimes the vendor themselves, if they’re a good salesperson can keep folks coming back.
    Our friends with the restaurant associations always complain that food trucks are interlopers, don’t pay taxes, etc. and other gripes trying to justify their existence. In reality, the city licensing will ensure there is sufficient distance in their bylaws to keep away from food shops. Perhaps one day restaurants will have to keep away from us! Can’t tell you how many times we develop a location and get kicked out by restaurants, sandwich stores and such.

    Don’t forget knowing your food cost. A food truck must be operated as a “real” business. It has operating and fixed costs, revenue and expenses. It is very helpful to understand your business, any business. I could tell you some stories of why a truck is or is not sucessful, many times human nature is the center of it, eg; thought it was going to be a Mon-Fri job, 9-2pm, not bothering to go out to your location on rainy days (or slow days, can’t be bothered days, need a break day}, moving locations instead of working a location and building, inconsistent, saving money by selling lower end products, not having everything on your own menu and tons more. Was just going to write a “nice article” … can’t help myself. If you do it right, you’ll have fun, meet lots of people, be your own boss, never be bored and make some money! Love this biz!

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