tip of the daySome might not think of customers as a threat to your food truck business. But thanks to social media, consumers can now incite insurgencies that overturn even the most strategic initiatives. Here are three steps for reacting to a customer rebellion centered around your food truck:

  • Listen and respond. A food truck owner get into trouble by failing to notice any early warning signs. Be sure you and your staff are monitoring social media traffic, and a have a genuine commitment to act on what you see and hear.
  • Engage and dissipate. Potential insurgents are far more likely to trust a fellow customer than you. To neutralize a problem before it spreads, encourage your food truck fans to speak on your behalf.
  • Involve and transform. Prevent riots from happening in the first place by involving customers in making key strategic decisions. This could be as simple as staying involved in social media interaction with your customer base or as difficult as innovating your customer strategy, relationships, and processes to be more collaborative.