The server is in one of the most important positions in your food truck because servers must interact with the customer as well as the rest of your food truck employees. You can train your food truck employees to be better servers, but if an employee doesn’t possess a customer service attitude it will eventually show in the service your customers receive. Train your service window servers to be more than just order takers and give them valuable sales training.

A customer service attitude starts with you and your food truck managers through your example. You can train your employees for what they should do, but unless you are unrelenting in your commitment to a customer service attitude, all the training in the world is worthless.

Elements Of A Customer Service Attitude

  • Hire only employees who enjoy serving people.
  • Set high standards for providing service.
  • Be uncompromising in attaining and maintaining your standards.
  • Continually listen to your customers.
  • Make it easy for customers to tell you specifically how you are doing; make management and staff easily accessible to customers.
  • Follow up with guests who take the time to give suggestions.
  • Don’t just listen, take action; go one step beyond what is necessary to remedy any complaint or service mistake.
  • Pay attention to the fine details.
  • Remember the two words quality and pride.

Characteristics of successful food truck service staff:

  • Possess a satisfactory amount of basic sales skills.
  • Have and are able to maintain a positive attitude.
  • Are knowledgeable about every item on your food truck menu.
  • Possess all of the necessary skills to do their job.

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The Bottom Line

If you design, build, operate and maintain your food truck with quality, your employees will take pride in what they do. One thing all people who provide great service have in common is that they have a genuine customer service attitude. You view your customers as the most important part of your job and sincerely appreciate that they choose to do business with you.

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