Customizing items for the purpose of marketing can be highly effective. This statement is even more valid when it comes to wrapping a moving vehicle with customized business marketing, especially when that vehicle is a food truck. Today we’re happy to have Queen of Wraps contribute this article on food truck wraps.

Understanding Food Truck Wraps

Food trucks have been steadily growing in popularity throughout the United States. The purchase of a food truck and the overhead involved are far less than a traditional restaurant. Because of this, a food truck is often able to make the dreams of a chef who is starting out.

One of the most critical decisions the owner of a food truck will make aside from the actual menu offerings will be the design of the exterior vehicle décor. As a chef your food and your flavor pairings are unique, so the food truck wrap you select should reflect your style. The goal is for the truck to express the style of you and your food while being easily recognizable to the consumer. There should be instant recognition by the customer that this is your food truck without a sliver of doubt.

Benefits of Food Truck Wraps

Here are just a few of the distinct benefits of food truck wraps:

  • Professional Presentation. A plain truck without a wrap does not produce the professional look of a custom wrapped truck. Professional appearances are known to put the customer at ease. It also represents the fact that you know what you are doing.
  • Business Recognition. An easily recognizable truck with a clever logo or terrific graphics inform people from a distance what your truck is serving and peak their interest which will encourage them to choose your truck.
  • Repeat Customers. Customers who have eaten at your truck and enjoyed their experience will easily be able to find you if you have a custom truck wrap.
  • Advertising That Never Sleeps. Advertising is key to the success of any business. With truck wraps that are well done, customers have a conversation piece and your business reaps the benefits.
  • Durability. Food truck wraps cost less than a custom paint job to your truck. It is also designed to be more durable. A wrap will not chip like paint and a well done wrap can last 5-7 years.
  • Eye-Catching Equals Dollar Catching. If there are multiple food trucks and other trucks happen to be offering similar styles of food, the truck with a visual element that stands out will likely be the winner of the customer. This means vibrant colors, lettering large enough to be seen from a distance, and something truly eye-catching about your truck.
  • One Time Expense. Many of the types of advertising utilized to grow and sustain a business include either monthly costs or costs associated with each block of time or product used. Unlike those forms of advertising a truck wrap is a one-time expense that continues to produce new customers.

Factors To Consider When Planning Your Food Truck Wrap

Several factors are considered when determining the final cost of your wrap. They include design time, size and shape of the vehicle, and the type of material selected. While the marketing data on the number of impression made by a custom vehicle wrap makes the investment indisputably cost effective, those starting out with a fixed amount of capital do have a few cost saving measures that can be employed in the wrapping process.

For example, partial wraps and full vehicle wraps are available so perhaps someone just starting out would opt for a partial wrap to get their business started and upgrade to a full wrap with all the trimmings once the business was successful. There are also different grades of materials that can be used for the wrap. The Calendared intermediate vinyl will save consumers money over the Cast high performance vinyl.

When selecting a company to do your food truck wrap, it is critical to consider the quality of the products used. Also consider the reputation of the company installing the wrap, and the food truck wrap cost. Find one who prides themselves on using the very best in vehicle wrapping materials while offering a free no obligation quotes specific to your vehicle.

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The Bottom Line

This article will help vendors and their understanding food truck wraps and the benefits they provide. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section or social media. Facebook | Twitter

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