Whether you have a new food truck out to make a name for yourself or an established food truck or restaurant working to stay ahead of the competition, a well-designed food truck wrap will put your mobile food business on the cutting edge of advertising. Follow these food truck wrap tips to shift your food truck advertising into high gear.

10 Food Truck Wrap Tips To Consider For Your Food Truck Design

  • Get more impressions for less money. A properly developed food truck wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions daily; even more if you operate in urban areas. The boost from a great design can build name recognition for your food truck 15 times more than any other form of advertising.
  • Maximize your return on investment. The cost of advertising over the life of your truck is minimal when compared to other forms of advertising. Not only that, vinyl wraps protect your truck’s finish, so when it’s time to sell or upgrade your food truck, it will sparkle like it’s brand new which is a major plus for its resale value.
  • Think big. Nothing stands out from the crowd quite the same way that a food truck wrap can. When possible, opt for a partial or full body wrap in bold colors that tie into your food truck branding. Not only will your food truck be noticed; but your brand will be remembered.
  • Turn commute time into advertising time. Whether you’re driving your truck to your next stop, stuck in traffic, or just parked on the street, a vehicle wrap is the ideal way to advertise your business. A colorful graphic captures the attention of everyone passing down the street, effectively promoting your menu and catering services.
  • Create a company fleet. Add your food truck logo and contact information to other vehicles (personally owned) to instantly create a professional company fleet.
  • Use professionals to install. When properly applied, a food truck wrap can last up to seven years. Take the time to find a vinyl installer with the right equipment, including a dust-free heated garage, to ensure your food truck wrap is applied right the first time.
  • Don’t forget the roof. When wrapping your truck, don’t forget about the roof. This adds a little extra bang for your buck in urban communities, where there are tall buildings. Placing your Twitter name or website address on your roof will give working in office buildings a way to find out who you are and what they are missing out on.
  • Include your social media networks. Your food truck wrap must have your food truck’s social media accounts on it (don’t get too carried away). At a minimum, include your website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account names next to the platform’s logo. Even if they don’t stop at your truck, you want to give consumers a way to track you down the next time they get hungry.
  • Look good when the service window is open. I’ve seen it all too often. A food truck wrap looks great when the service window is closed, but as soon as it opens, all you see are a few letters. Make sure you have your name, logo and other key information are visible when your service window is open and closed.
  • Design for every demographic. Looking at your food truck wrap as an advertising platform. Potential customers can’t just change the TV channel or toss an email in the trash. Your truck’s wrap cuts through the clutter of traditional advertising. It will get you noticed by everyone that walks or drives by. You’ll reach virtually every demographic, regardless of age, income, ethnicity and gender.

The Bottom Line

Food truck owners can and should use their food truck wrap to market directly to their target market and customer base to stay ahead of the competition.  Use these tips to make sure your food truck is on point.

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